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Fully tap the resources of Changbai Mountain Chinese medicine health industry

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On August 27th, the 2016 China Changbai Mountain Health Industry Forum was opened and the 2nd Changbai Mountain Health and Wellness Culture Festival was held at the same time. With the theme of “Leading the Health Industry, Helping Healthy China, and Benefiting People's Health”, this forum implements the National “Healthy Service Development Plan for Chinese Medicine (2015-2020)” and “Chinese Medicine” according to the national “Healthy China” major strategic plan. The development of the "13th Five-Year Plan" and the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Jilin Province" of Jilin Province and other documents require the establishment of a large stage for the exchange of experience, wisdom integration, collision of thoughts and strength of Chinese medicine health industry, showing Changbai Mountain independence It has unique Chinese medicine resources and geographical advantages, promotes the healthy and healthy culture of Chinese civilization, and promotes and leads the scientific development of Chinese medicine health industry and Chinese medicine health service industry.

Forum academic activities include the main forum, high-end interviews and sub-forums. The main forum invited Wu Dazhen, Wang Zhihong and other well-known health and health experts to give keynote speeches. High-end interviews invited experts such as Zhu Haidong, Wen Changlu, Gu Xiaohong, Zhao Lidong and Qingdou. The five sub-forums are the Health Health Enterprise CEO Forum, the Medical and Health Association Dean Forum, the Chinese Medicine Health Tourism Development Forum, the National Classic and Economic Forum and the Economic Development Alliance and Health Science Popularization Forum.


With the launch of the 2nd Changbai Mountain Health and Wellness Culture Festival, “Jilin Chinese Medicine Huimin walked the grassroots level” Changbai Mountain large-scale clinic activities began, and Chinese medicine experts gathered Changbai Mountain from all over the place to provide free consultation for local people. Square dance and Changbai Mountain folk culture exhibition activities also debut. Participants also inspected the Changbai Mountain health resources and Chinese medicine resources.


The forum was hosted by Jilin Science and Technology Association, Jilin Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, Chinese Medicine Association, Jilin Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, Changbai Mountain Management Committee, Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing Kangrentang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Experts and scholars in the field of health and health and the leaders of the State and Jilin Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Management System have conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges on promoting the development of the Chinese medicine health industry.