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“Protecting resources, picking health”

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On August 12th, the first China Traditional Chinese Medicine Resource Conference was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. The delegates discussed the theme of “Chinese Medicine Resources and Healthy China” and discussed the protection and development of Chinese medicine resources. At the meeting, all participants expressed the proposal of “Protecting Resources and Picking Health”. The full text is as follows:


All colleagues in the Chinese medicine industry:


Traditional Chinese medicine is China's unique health resources, economic resources with great potential, scientific and technological resources with original advantages, excellent cultural resources and important ecological resources. With the momentum of the development of the millennium, Chinese medicine has ushered in a good opportunity to revitalize and develop. General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important assertion that "the inheritance of the ancestors of traditional Chinese medicine has been inherited, developed, and utilized well, and a new chapter in the great journey of building a healthy China and realizing the Chinese dream" has been pointed out. The direction of the development of Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine resources are the material basis for the inheritance and development of Chinese medicine. We protect and develop this strategic resource that is related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. We will deepen the reform of the medical and health system, improve the people's health, develop strategic emerging industries, increase farmers' income, and promote ecology. The construction of civilization is of great significance.


As the Chinese medicine industry thoroughly implements the spirit of the National Science and Technology Innovation Conference, builds a healthy China, and promotes the development of Chinese medicine innovation, as a scientific researcher of Chinese medicine resources, we deeply feel the responsibility and organize the cooperation of 8 professional committees in the field of Chinese medicine resources. The ancient city of Xi'an held the "First China Traditional Chinese Medicine Resource Conference" to discuss the protection of Chinese medicine resources and the rational development and utilization plan. In order to protect and utilize the resources of traditional Chinese medicine with national strategic significance and promote the sustainable development of Chinese medicine, we propose to all Chinese medicine industry colleagues the principle of “protecting resources and picking health”:


First, find out the effective protection of the family. Implement the "Outline of Strategic Planning for Chinese Medicine Development", actively participate in the fourth national survey of Chinese medicine resources, strive to find out the background of Chinese medicine resources in China, promote the establishment of a long-term mechanism for dynamic monitoring and early warning services of Chinese medicine resources, and strengthen the effective protection of Chinese medicine resources. The sustainable use of Chinese medicine resources provides support.


Second, innovation drives efficient use. In response to General Secretary Xi’s call to build China into a world science and technology power, integrate domestic strengths, focus on the protection, supply, development and utilization of short-term problems of Chinese medicine resources, overcome scientific and technological problems in innovation, and conduct in-depth research to promote the effective use and comprehensive utilization of Chinese medicine resources. Improve resource utilization efficiency and efficiency.


Third, the construction system guarantees the quality. Construction of an endangered and scarce Chinese herbal medicine planting and breeding base, a large-scale high-quality Chinese herbal medicine production base, and a fine breeding base for Chinese herbal medicines, ensuring the production of high-quality Chinese herbal medicines from the source and ensuring the supply of high-quality raw materials. Construct a quality assurance system for Chinese herbal medicines, improve and improve the standards of Chinese herbal medicines, improve the quality control level of Chinese herbal medicines, improve the quality management regulations for the production and management of Chinese herbal medicines, establish a traceability system for the production, circulation and use of Chinese herbal medicines, and improve the quality inspection and testing of Chinese herbal medicines. System to ensure the quality of Chinese herbal medicines.


Fourth, the universal development of green results. Accelerate the promotion and popularization of scientific and technological achievements in traditional Chinese medicine resources, effectively combine scientific research and industrial development, write papers on the land of the motherland, and make the Chinese medicine industry into a green industry, an ecological industry, and a conservation industry, so that the Chinese medicine resources industry serves "health." China, beautiful China" construction.


"Whether there is wisdom, it is better to take advantage of the situation." All the Chinese medicine industry colleagues immediately took action and took on the heavy responsibility given to us by the times and lived up to the people's trust. As the development of Chinese medicine ushers in the good times of time, place and people, let us unite and work together to promote the healthy and sustainable development of Chinese medicine resources and industry with a high sense of mission and responsibility. Make new and bigger contributions!


“The First China Traditional Chinese Medicine Resource Conference”


All delegates