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Jilin explores the establishment of a medical and health integration system By 2020, more than 50% of community-based aged care

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In order to promote the combination of medical and nursing work, Jilin Province recently issued the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Integration and Development of Health Care and Aged Care Organizations in Jilin Province”.


The main tasks of the integration of medical development include accelerating the development of professional medical institutions serving the elderly, supporting the construction of institutions for geriatric hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, nursing homes, general hospital geriatrics, etc., and establishing rehabilitation and nursing beds in primary health care institutions.


To improve the medical service level of the old-age care institutions, the old-age care institutions may apply for the establishment of geriatric hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, Chinese medicine hospitals, hospice care institutions, nursing homes, medical offices or nursing stations according to relevant requirements and service requirements.


Promote the extension of medical and health services to communities and families, and provide healthy and aged care services for the community and the elderly at home. Relying on the community health service center and the grassroots network of health and family planning, strengthen the day care center for the elderly in the urban community, the home care service center, and the rural pension. Cooperation with nursing institutions such as hospitals.


In accordance with the spirit of this document, all types of medical institutions at all levels in Jilin need to set the “Priority of the Elderly” sign in the registration, treatment, fees, medicines, hospitalization and other windows. The Jilin Provincial General Hospital should open a geriatric department and encourage medical institutions. Cooperate with surrounding care institutions to develop medical cooperation and provide medical care services.


Accelerate the construction of old-age health centers with characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine in county-level Chinese medicine hospitals, promote cooperation between Chinese medicine hospitals and old-age care institutions, and provide support for Chinese medicine technology and professionals for old-age care institutions. Support Changchun City, Jilin City, Gongzhuling City, Gan'an County, Ji'an City and other places to carry out a new mode of medical care service integration of traditional Chinese medicine health services and old-age services. Encourage Chinese medicine medical institutions to organize old-age rehabilitation institutions and explore the development of old-age care institutions that focus on the health care of Chinese medicine. In the old-age care institutions, the elderly, medical care, health care, and rehabilitation services that integrate the concept of Chinese medicine health management. Develop community and home-based Chinese medicine health care services, and guide Chinese medicine medical and preventive health care institutions to provide community and home care services.


By 2020, more than 30% of the old-age care institutions will set up Chinese medicine clinics that are mainly for the prevention and treatment of geriatric diseases and chronic diseases, or establish cooperative relationships with Chinese medicine institutions. More than 50% of community pension services can easily obtain Chinese medicine health services and allow retirement. While registering and practising in public hospitals, Chinese medicine practitioners set up Chinese medicine clinics that only provide traditional Chinese medicine services.


Vigorously develop the health care services for traditional Chinese medicine, give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine's preventive health care, adhere to the combination of old-age care and health care, integrate the concept of traditional Chinese medicine health care and “treatment without disease” into the whole process of pension, and use traditional Chinese medicine technology to comprehensively improve the elderly. People's physical and mental health and quality of life.


By 2020, each county (city) has at least one secondary medical institution with special characteristics of geriatric diseases. Give full play to the role of hospital volunteer services, and provide outpatient and inpatient escort services for the elderly with limited mobility.


Encourage social capital to organize rehabilitation hospitals, nursing homes, and elderly health management centers to maximize the relaxation of planning. Township hospitals and community health service centers are encouraged to develop the special medical care service departments of the elderly, and encourage the hospitals and outpatient departments of qualified enterprises and institutions to transform into community health service institutions that focus on the elderly rehabilitation, so as to facilitate the elderly to seek medical treatment. Supporting some of the first- and second-level hospitals and specialized hospitals with more idle beds to give full play to the advantages of professional technology and talents, and actively and steadily transform into rehabilitation medical institutions such as rehabilitation and aged care.


By 2017, the pilot city will establish at least one medical institution or old-age care institution with both medical and pension services qualifications and capabilities. By 2020, each city (state) and county (city) must have at least one health care institution.


By the end of 2016, the coverage rate of urban family doctors' contracted services in the pilot cities has reached more than 15%, and the coverage rate of key populations has reached more than 30%. By 2017, the coverage rate of family doctors' contracting services will reach over 30%, and the coverage rate of key populations will reach over 60%. By the end of 2020, we will strive to expand the contracting services to all the people, forming a long-term stable contractual service relationship and basically achieving family Full coverage of the doctor's contract service system.