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Sun Guangrong: The mission of Chinese medicine in building a healthy China

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Based on the concept of people-oriented and governing for the people, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have convened a national health and health conference that is a milestone in the historical process of the development of health and health in China and even the world. I was fortunate enough to participate in this conference. I listened to the important speeches of the central leading comrades such as General Secretary Xi Jinping, and I was deeply moved and inspired. I was deeply encouraged and inspired. This conference made me fully realize that in order to achieve the goal of "two hundred years" and realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we must build a healthy China with the people as the center and health as the foundation; The Chinese medicine that gives us valuable wealth is bound to have a major mission and responsibility in building a healthy China.


We must put people's health in a strategic position of priority development and build a healthy China.


"People are the state of the country," the ancients said, "the people eat food for the sky." In the era of the people's livelihood and the country, the rulers can only let the people have the food to eat for the rule of the country. With the advancement of the times and the development of the economy and society, the middle and high income countries will inevitably demand that "the people take the health first" and the governors should regard the people's health as the basis of governing the country. From "the people take food for the sky" to "the people take the health first", this is the essential leap of the basic concept of governing the country. Because the people create everything, only the health of the people can make the nation prosper and the country prosperous. Therefore, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that without the health of the whole people, there will be no comprehensive well-off; health is the inevitable requirement for promoting the all-round development of people, the basic condition for economic and social development, an important symbol of national prosperity and national prosperity, and the masses of the people. Common pursuit. From this we can see that building a healthy China is not a department, a field, an industry or a region, but a “strategic position to prioritize the development of people’s health”. To promote healthy China's construction, we must take the people as the center and take health as the foundation, adhere to the path of health and healthy development with Chinese characteristics, and safeguard people's health in all aspects and in all cycles.


Focusing on the grassroots level, taking reform and innovation as the driving force, prevention is the mainstay, both Chinese and Western medicine are equal, and health is integrated into all policies, and the people build and share.


s security, home security, and national security. Anyone who loses his health will find it difficult to achieve the goal of life; any family whose family loses health will find it difficult to achieve the happiness and well-being of the whole family; as long as a certain country loses its health, it will be difficult to achieve a strong national prosperity. ideal.


To achieve the health of the whole people, according to China's national conditions, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed at the National Health and Health Conference that under the new situation, China's health and health work policy is focused on grassroots, reform and innovation as the driving force, prevention-oriented, Both Chinese and Western medicine pay equal attention to integrating health into all policies and sharing and sharing.


This policy is based on an in-depth analysis of the overall situation of health and health in China. It points to the correct, accurate, targeted and precise purpose. It mainly points out six aspects: First, it specifies health and health. The focus of work is to focus on strengthening the ability to prevent diseases and treat diseases in urban and rural areas, such as rural areas and communities; second, to point out the source of health and health work, and to use reforms and innovations such as medical and health systems and medical theory and technology as the driving force. Promote the construction of a healthy China; the third is to point out that the basic task of health and health work is to prevent prevention, and to focus on the treatment of diseases as the center of health promotion; the fourth is to point out that the main force of health and health work is Chinese and Western medicine. Emphasis is placed on the fact that the two medical subjects in China are Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and emphasize “emphasis”; the fifth is to specify the scope of health and health work, to integrate health into all policies, to achieve health and health policies and planning decisions. Full coverage; six is ​​the ultimate goal of health and health work, which is shared and shared by all People healthy. Co-construction is the premise and foundation, and sharing is the purpose and the result.


The health and health work guidelines under the new situation are the guiding guide for building a healthy China.


Mission: Revitalizing and developing Chinese medicine


Traditional Chinese medicine is a medical science that is gradually formed and continuously developed by people of all nationalities in China in the long-term production and life and struggle against diseases. It is a medical system with unique culture, theory, technology and methods in China. In his important speech at the National Health and Wellness Conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping highlighted the necessity and importance of “focusing on promoting the development of Chinese medicine”. He has cited a large number of famous works of classic Chinese medicine such as Sun Sizhen’s “Dazhi Jingcheng”. On the basis of the famous theory and famous sayings, it is proposed to adhere to the emphasis on both Chinese and Western medicine, promote the complementary and coordinated development of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, and strive to realize the creative transformation and innovative development of the healthy health culture of traditional Chinese medicine.


This is to require our Chinese medicine practitioners to work together to revitalize and develop Chinese medicine. At present, every Chinese medicine practitioner must at least contribute to his wisdom and strength in four aspects: First, to maintain the characteristics and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and improve Chinese medicine. To improve the service capacity of no disease and cure existing diseases, improve the quality of cultivation, collection, processing and research and development of traditional Chinese medicine, focus on the grassroots level, and provide people with Chinese medicine services, demonstrating the status and role of Chinese medicine in the reform of medical and health systems; The second is the original Qingyuan, collating and researching traditional Chinese medicine classics and old Chinese medicine experience, researching and standardizing TCM diagnosis and treatment procedures, innovating Chinese medicine theory, cultivating excellent TCM clinical talents, and enabling traditional Chinese medicine academic experience to be passed down authentically. Third, popularizing Chinese medicine culture, Research and disseminate knowledge, methods and techniques for health prevention and disease prevention, strengthen health promotion and education, and enable the masses to gradually develop a lifestyle that is appropriate for both human beings and neutral; and fourth, absorb, digest and integrate modern science and technology, and innovate Theories, techniques, methods, instruments and medicines for clinical application of traditional Chinese medicine.


The National Health and Wellness Conference promoted the development of traditional Chinese medicine to the fast lane. Wang Guoqiang, deputy director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said: "Chinese medicine has great potential in economic and social development, and must be promoted with new ideas." This is the heartfelt voice and desire of all Chinese medicine practitioners. In the dawn, let Chinese medicine practitioners join hands and walk forward on the road of the National Health and Wellness Conference.