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Discover the treasure house of Chinese medicine with innovation

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The innovation and research and development of Chinese medicine has once again emerged. Professor Tu Yu and his team's research and development of artemisinin on the treatment of lupus erythematosus with dihydroartemisinin tablets. After obtaining the drug clinical trial approval from the State Food and Drug Administration, they will join forces with Kunming Pharmaceutical Group to jointly promote hydrogen dihydrogenation. Clinical trials and transformation of artemisinin in the treatment of lupus erythematosus.


This achievement was due to the fact that Professor Tu Yu and his team discovered more of their role in disease prevention and treatment during the development of artemisinin against malaria. According to existing clinical trials, artemisinin is effective and stable in the treatment of lupus erythematosus, and has special effects in the treatment of tumors, leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, allergic diseases and the like. A drug has been researched and developed to treat a variety of diseases, which can be described as a major feature of traditional Chinese medicine. This also shows that the treasure of Chinese medicine is huge and its potential is huge, and needs to be further explored. One of the keys to opening this treasure house is technological innovation.


General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the National Science and Technology Innovation Conference that the scientific and technological community must firmly believe in innovation and self-confidence, and be determined to be the first ambition of the world, work hard in creating unique uniqueness, dare to challenge the most cutting-edge scientific issues, propose more original theories, and make more Original discovery, strive to achieve leapfrog development in important scientific and technological fields, keep up with the new direction of world science and technology development, and master the new round of global science and technology competition strategy initiative.


Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the most original and innovative resources in China. Strengthening the independent innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, promoting the transformation of scientific research achievements of Chinese medicine, meeting the health needs of the people of China and the world, and working hard in creating unique uniqueness, it is possible to make our original discoveries and propose our original theory like the research and development of artemisinin. Thereby leading the world's new direction of medical development, mastering the global health industry development strategy initiative.


Therefore, every Chinese medicine practitioner should be "confident, self-respecting, self-conscious, self-reliant", and vigorously carry forward the spirit of the team that the team has developed, and the spirit of dedication, fascination, selfless dedication, and courage to climb the peak. As the first driving force to lead the development of traditional Chinese medicine, innovation combines the original thinking of traditional Chinese medicine with modern science and technology, and strives to promote the innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine and better serve the well-being of human health.


When we use scientific and technological innovation to explore the treasure house of Chinese medicine, the infinite innovation potential demonstrated, or on the road of independent innovation with Chinese characteristics, realize the strategic transformation of China's scientific and technological innovation from running to parallel and leading, to realize the Chinese nation. The Chinese dream of great rejuvenation makes a unique contribution.