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Chinese medicine has become the focus of the "One Belt and One Road" technology innovation cooperation

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Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce and other four ministries and commissions issued the "Special Plan for Promoting the "One Belt and One Road" to Build a Scientific and Technological Innovation Cooperation", which clarified 12 key areas such as agriculture, energy, aerospace and medical health, and promoted “One Belt, One Road” to build scientific and technological innovation cooperation.


According to the requirements of the "Planning", medical and health cooperation has been included in the key areas of the "One Belt, One Road" scientific and technological innovation cooperation. It proposes to strengthen the excavation and cooperative research and development of specialty medicinal materials and traditional medicines along the line, build a traditional drug germplasm resource pool and standardization system, promote the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, and promote the application of traditional medical technology such as health care and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Promote the dissemination of healthy culture of traditional Chinese medicine (including other ethnic medicines), and carry out cooperative R&D and industrialization of high value-added traditional medicines, chemical medicines and biological medicines.


The "Planning" clearly defines and actively promotes the application of new technologies such as genetic testing, strengthens cooperation in prevention and control of regional key diseases, overcomes key technologies for prevention and treatment of major diseases, and enhances the ability to cooperate in dealing with public health emergencies. Jointly develop new drug research and development, international clinical research, etc., strengthen the joint development and promotion of advanced medical devices, and promote mobile health and digital medical services.