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Building a healthy China must give full play to the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine

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Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Outline for the "Healthy China 2030" Plan." The "Planning Outline" consists of 8 chapters and 29 chapters. It has a chapter for Chinese medicine. It is required to give full play to the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, improve the service capacity of Chinese medicine, develop the services of TCM health care and cure diseases, and promote the inheritance and innovation of Chinese medicine.


The "Planning Outline" requires the principles of health priority, reform and innovation, scientific development, and fairness and justice. Adhere to prevention, prevention and treatment, and both Chinese and Western medicine. Promote the complementary and coordinated development of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, and improve the level of health services. Defining "co-construction and sharing, and health for all" is a strategic theme for building a healthy China. The core is centered on people's health, adheres to the grassroots focus, takes reform and innovation as the driving force, takes prevention as the mainstay, pays equal attention to both Chinese and Western medicine, integrates health into all policies, and builds a shared health and health work policy.


In the chapter "To give full play to the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine", it is required to improve the service capacity of Chinese medicine. Implement the clinical advantage cultivation project of TCM, strengthen the research on the dominant diseases of TCM prevention and treatment, strengthen the integration of Chinese and Western medicine, and improve the clinical efficacy of major and difficult diseases. Vigorously develop non-pharmacological treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, making it play a unique role in the prevention and treatment of common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and chronic diseases. Develop rehabilitation services for Chinese medicine. Improve the TCM medical care service system covering urban and rural areas. Establish traditional Chinese medicine comprehensive service areas such as Chinese Medicine Museum and National Medical Center in township hospitals and community health service centers to promote appropriate technologies, and all primary health care institutions can provide Chinese medicine services. Promote the development of ethnic medicine. By 2030, the leading role of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of disease, the synergy in the treatment of major diseases, and the core role in disease rehabilitation have been fully exerted.


Develop TCM health care and cure diseases. Implement the Chinese Medicine Treatment Unhealthy Health Project, combine the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine with health management, and explore a Chinese medicine health protection model that integrates health culture, health management and health insurance. Encourage social forces to organize standardized TCM health care institutions to accelerate the development of health care services. Expand the service field of Chinese medicine hospitals, and provide the people with services such as TCM health consultation evaluation, intervention conditioning, follow-up management, etc. Encourage Chinese medical institutions and Chinese medicine practitioners to provide technical support such as health consultation and conditioning for TCM health care institutions. To carry out Chinese medicine activities of traditional Chinese medicine, vigorously disseminate Chinese medicine knowledge and easy-to-follow health care technology methods, strengthen the protection and inheritance of Chinese medicine intangible cultural heritage, and realize the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese medicine health and wellness culture.


Promote the inheritance and innovation of Chinese medicine. Implementing the innovation project of traditional Chinese medicine, attaching importance to the study and excavation of classic medical books of traditional Chinese medicine, comprehensively and systematically inheriting various academic theories, schools and doctrines of the past generations, continuously carrying forward the academic thoughts and clinical diagnosis and treatment experience of contemporary famous Chinese and traditional Chinese medicine experts, and excavating folk diagnosis and treatment techniques and prescriptions Promote the inheritance and development of Chinese medicine culture. Establish a traditional Chinese medicine protection system and develop a list of traditional knowledge protection. Integrate modern scientific and technological achievements, tap Chinese medicine prescriptions, strengthen the research and development of traditional Chinese medicine prevention and control technologies and new drugs for major difficult diseases and chronic diseases, and continuously promote the development of Chinese medicine theory and practice. Develop Chinese medicine health services, accelerate the creation of multinational companies with full industrial chain services and internationally renowned Chinese brands, and promote the development of Chinese medicine to the world. Protect important Chinese medicine resources and biodiversity, and carry out general survey and dynamic monitoring of Chinese medicine resources. Establish a breeding base for bulk, authentic and endangered medicinal materials, provide information on the dynamic monitoring of Chinese herbal medicines, and promote the green development of Chinese herbal medicines.


The "Planning Outline" refers to traditional Chinese medicine in many parts and integrates it into all aspects of healthy China construction:


In the strengthening of health services for key populations, we will promote healthy aging and promote the integration of Chinese medicine and old-age care.


In the improvement of the drug supply security system, it is proposed to deepen the reform of the drug and medical device circulation system, promote the application of modern logistics management and technology, and improve the modern circulation network and traceability system of Chinese herbal medicines.


In the protection of food and drug safety requirements, strengthen drug safety supervision, and actively promote the internationalization of Chinese medicine (material) standards.


In the development of new formats for health services, it is proposed to vigorously develop healthy tourism for Chinese medicine.


In the promotion of the development of the pharmaceutical industry, we must strengthen medical technology innovation and strengthen the building of innovative capabilities such as patented drugs, new Chinese medicines, new preparations, and high-end medical devices. Vigorously develop new varieties of biopharmaceuticals, chemical drugs, high-quality Chinese medicines, high-performance medical devices, new auxiliary materials and pharmaceutical equipment, and promote the industrialization of major drugs.


In strengthening the construction of healthy human resources, it is proposed to strengthen the training of healthy personnel training, strengthen the construction of pharmacists and Chinese medicine health services, health emergency, and health information composite talents.


In the promotion of health science and technology innovation, it is required to build a national medical science and technology innovation system and rely on existing institutions to promote the capacity building of Chinese medicine clinical research bases and scientific research institutions. Advance the advancement of medical science and technology, focus on the deployment of innovative drug development, localization of medical devices, and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, and significantly enhance the scientific and technological support capabilities of major disease prevention and health industry development.


It is clear in the strengthening of the rule of law on health and the promotion of the enactment and implementation of the Basic Medical and Health Law and the Chinese Medicine Law.


In strengthening international exchanges and cooperation, it is proposed to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in Chinese medicine.