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Promote the experience of local medical reform and explore the path of reform

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On November 10th, the National Health and Family Planning Commission held a press conference to introduce the "Opinions on Further Promoting the Experience of Deepening Medical Reform" and the improvement of local medical treatment.


At the meeting, Zhan Jifu, director of the Fujian Provincial Medical Insurance Office, introduced the reform of the medical security management system in Fujian Province. The provincial integration agency set up the provincial medical insurance office to undertake medical insurance related policy formulation, medical insurance fund supervision and management, medical service price negotiation adjustment, and pharmaceutical consumables joint procurement. Responsibilities such as distribution and settlement management, management of designated medical institutions, supervision and administration of medical service behavior, and construction of medical security information systems. Unified medical insurance management, and promote urban and rural residents' medical insurance funds and urban workers' medical insurance funds at the municipal level.


Teng Jianrong, director of the Hangzhou Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, introduced the signing service of the integrated medical practitioners in Hangzhou as the carrier and breakthrough point, and adopted the first-time referral platform for attracting contracted residents to play the role of wisdom and medical care, and explored the medical association. A series of measures, such as reform, explored the establishment of a sound scientific graded diagnosis and treatment system, and improved the "sense of acquisition" of the people for medical reform.


Recently, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council forwarded the “Several Opinions of the State Council's Leading Group for Deepening the Reform of the Medical and Health System on Further Promoting the Experience of Deepening the Reform of the Medical and Health System”, summarizing 24 experiences in 8 aspects, including the promotion of family doctor contracting services, Establish a medical consortium, give full play to the advantages of Chinese medicine services and improve the supporting policies for graded diagnosis and treatment.


After the launch of a new round of medical reform in 2009, the deepening of medical reform has made significant progress and remarkable results. In Sanming City, Fujian Province and some areas represented by Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian and Qinghai, the pilot areas of comprehensive medical reform, strengthening leadership, high promotion and exploration Innovate and implement hard, highlight the linkage reform of medical, medical insurance and medical “three medicines”, coordinate and carry out major reforms in key areas and key links, and form a batch of experience practices that are realistic, replicable and can be promoted.


The relevant person in charge of the National Health and Family Planning Commission said that in the critical period when the reform is in the process of climbing, the "Several Opinions" carefully sums up and promotes the local mature reform experience, which is conducive to further unifying the thinking, building consensus, and strengthening and deepening the confidence and determination of the medical reform. It will help establish a basic medical and health service system and lay a solid foundation for promoting healthy China. It is necessary to increase the promotion of these experiences, enhance the initiative and creativity of deepening medical reform, and explore innovation according to local conditions. All localities must closely integrate their own realities and respect the grassroots initiative.