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The scale of Chinese medicine-related industries will reach 3 trillion in 2020

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Recently, the Science and Technology Communication Center of China Association for Science and Technology and the Beijing Association for Science and Technology co-sponsored the seventh lecture of “Industry Frontier Technology Lecture Hall”. The lecture invited industry leading experts to conduct pre-research on the productization, industrialization and marketization prospects of Chinese medicine. 


According to the regulations issued by the State Council in 2013 to promote the development of the health service industry, according to the calculation of the authority, the total scale of China's health service industry will reach 8 trillion yuan by 2020. Sun Xiaobo, director of the Institute of Medicinal Plants of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said that “there is more than one piece at present”, and the proportion of Chinese medicine is relatively large. “At the end of 2015, the scale of the entire Chinese patent medicine product is close to 800 billion. Twenty years ago, the scale of the industry related to Chinese medicine reached more than 1.3 trillion. According to market demand and current economic development and health needs, by 2020, the contribution of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine-related industries in the field of big health will reach 3 Trillion or more."


In addition, experts at the conference said that “precise medicine” is a new concept and new trend in the medical field at the stage of modern science and technology. With the advancement of science and technology, the traditional Chinese medicine industry is welcoming a ground-breaking technological breakthrough and industrial revolution. The concept of "precision Chinese medicine" came into being. Modern precision Chinese medicine technology includes traditional Chinese medicine DNA data analysis technology, molecular expression technology of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients and efficacy, comprehensive index technology of Chinese herbal medicine efficacy and natural environment matching, human health DNA and RNA expression and analysis technology, etc. Precision Chinese medicine technology may make traditional Chinese medicine The theory of "treatment of disease" in traditional Chinese medicine has achieved modernization, precision, and individualization; it has made Chinese medicine a huge role in the big health industry; making "functional food" and "precision health" an industry and becoming a mass market. application. “It can be said that ‘precise Chinese medicine’ and the big health industry based on ‘precise Chinese medicine’ are full of entrepreneurial opportunities, innovation opportunities and investment opportunities.”