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Ensure that Chinese medicine is not lacking, distinctive, and effective

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Recently, the Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine held an expansion meeting of the Party Group Theory Center Group to study and implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, requiring the whole system to quickly implement the central decision, further strengthen the "four awareness" and ensure that Chinese medicine is not lacking. It has its own characteristics and is effective.


Qiu Deliang, secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, requested that the party members and cadres of the Chinese medicine system of the province should implement the various arrangements for the Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee in the work of Chinese medicine, and strive to create a politically sound society. Ecology, when implementing the model and example of the spirit of the Plenary, will make due contributions to the revitalization and development of the Chinese medicine industry.


Qiu Deliang proposed that the spirit of the plenary session should be reflected in all work, adhere to the new development concept, implement the spirit of the national and provincial health and health conferences and the "Health China 2030" Outline, and accelerate the implementation of the "Chinese Medicine Development Strategic Plan" The Outline (2016-2030), as a starting point and a stop point for safeguarding people's health and enhancing people's well-being as a work of Chinese medicine. It is necessary to take the "13th Five-Year Plan" and special plans as the support, adhere to both inheritance and innovation, give full play to the leading role of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of disease, the synergy in the treatment of major diseases and the core role of disease rehabilitation for the people. The masses provide Chinese medicine health services for the whole life cycle, and realize the transformation from the center of disease treatment to the health of the people. It is necessary to deeply participate in the construction of five basic medical and health systems, such as the grading diagnosis and treatment system, the modern hospital management system, the universal medical insurance system, the drug supply security system, and the comprehensive supervision system, to ensure that Chinese medicine is not lacking, distinctive, and effective.


At present, in the economic transformation and upgrading of Jilin Province and the revitalization and development strategy of the old industrial bases in Northeast China, Jilin Province has actively shifted gears to speed up the development of Chinese medicine, and issued the “Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Province” in April this year. It is proposed that by 2020, the traditional Chinese medicine resources with Jilin characteristics, Chinese medicine education, Chinese medicine culture, and traditional Chinese medicine tourism brands will be formed. The local economic and social development capabilities of Chinese medicine services will be significantly improved, and the strategic goal of strengthening traditional Chinese medicine will be realized. Walking in the forefront of the country.