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Chinese medicine welcomes strategic opportunity period

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The 2016 Health China and Chinese Medicine Development Summit Forum was held in Beijing recently. Yu Wenming, deputy director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said at the summit forum that the development of Chinese medicine is facing a rare period of strategic opportunities. The state puts people's health in a strategic position of priority development, strives to protect people's health in an all-round and full-cycle, and fully demonstrates the firm determination to safeguard people's health, and marks an unprecedented new height in understanding the great value of health.

In recent years, the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional culture represented by traditional Chinese medicine have aroused the attention of the whole society. In 2016, it is a policy dividend year for Chinese medicine. Among them, the "Healthy China 2030" Planning Outline issued on October 25 puts forward that it is necessary to give full play to the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, to improve the service capacity of Chinese medicine, to develop TCM health care and cure diseases, and to promote the inheritance and innovation of Chinese medicine. Under the background of vigorously promoting supply-side reform, the Chinese medicine industry has continuously made breakthrough progress.

"With the rapid development of the economy and society, the medical reform is advancing in depth, people's living standards are improving, health awareness is enhanced, medical goals are adjusted, medical models are changing, and Chinese medicine itself is in the critical period of capacity improvement and health service expansion. Deepening the period of medical reform and improving the policy mechanism, the development of Chinese medicine is entering a new normal." Yu Wenming said, "From the perspective of consumer demand, people have produced a 'spurt' of both Chinese medicine and medicine. Demand, diversification and individualized features are increasingly obvious; from the service field, traditional Chinese medicine services are being developed from the main provision of medical services to the provision of integrated medical care, prevention, health care, health care and rehabilitation, and full chain services; It is seen that Chinese medicine services are being organized from the government to the government and the market. From the perspective of service models, Chinese medicine services are developing from disease-centered to health-oriented; from the perspective of service products, Chinese medicine health products Small health care equipment is increasingly entering the family; from an international perspective, more and more countries And regional attention to the development and use of traditional Chinese medicine, the development of domestic form Forced trend. "

Guo Chonghui, director and professor of the Institute of Systems Engineering at Dalian University of Technology, believes that “Internet + Chinese Medicine” has reconstructed the development model of the entire industry chain. The industrial chain is vertically deepened and the chain is expanding horizontally. The TCM e-commerce platform makes the industry flatter, the redundant links are compressed, and the high value-added links are retained. The Chinese herbal medicine price index big data analysis realizes the market market monitoring of Chinese herbal medicine prices. Trends, future forecasts, decision support; health care big data analysis to help consumer behavior mining, guide health protection, monitoring regional conditions, etc.; these are the new development characteristics of modern Chinese medicine industry chain.

It is worth noting that the Information Professional Committee of the China Traditional Chinese Medicine Association officially released the “Chinese Medicine Circle Public Information Platform” at the Summit Forum. It is understood that "aggregation" is the biggest feature of the platform. In the future, the “Chinese Medicine Circle” will give full play to the advantages of the China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Association, organize relevant departments and enterprises, and gather various industrial stages and information data to solve problems such as decentralization, fragmentation and non-system of industry information.