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Create Chinese Medicine Jilin Brand

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“We must create Jilin standard and Jilin brand.” On March 5, Jilin provincial vice governor An Lijia listened to the deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and the Director of the Provincial Chinese Medicine Administration, Qiu Deliang, on the report on the province’s work in Chinese medicine. The next step is to put forward clear requirements for the development of Chinese medicine in the province.

An Lijia pointed out that Jilin Province is a major province of Chinese medicine, and it is imperative to develop new drugs and create standards for Jilin and Jilin. Next, the primary task of the work of Chinese medicine in Jilin Province is to focus on the construction of healthy Jilin and fully implement the decision-making and deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial government.

In the future, Jilin Province must improve the innovative ability of Chinese medicine. Give full play to the advantages of Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other institutions, strengthen the research of Chinese medicine and improve the quality of Chinese medicine services. Promote the protection and development of Chinese medicine, and strengthen the traditional Chinese medicine resources and the standardized production and demonstration of traditional Chinese medicine. Taking the adjustment of agricultural planting structure and transformation of forestry development as an opportunity, it will focus on promoting the cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines and the development of undergrowth herbal medicines. Explore the link between the development of Chinese herbal medicine industry and the accurate poverty alleviation of the poor population, establish a poverty alleviation mechanism and service platform for Chinese herbal medicines, and help poverty reduction targets “reducing poverty by removing hats” as scheduled. The "Regulations on Traditional Chinese Medicine in Jilin Province", which are striving to complement the Chinese Medicine Law, were formulated early this year.