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Interview: Overseas Chinese medicine needs to be escorted by other countries - Interview with Russian and Chinese representative

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The 2nd Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the BRICS Traditional Medicine Conference were held in Moscow, Russia, from 17th to 18th. The chairman of the conference, Vladimir Yegorov, and the Chinese representative of the conference, Wang Chaoyang, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency that traditional medicine, including Chinese medicine, is a world treasure. The promotion of Chinese medicine overseas requires close cooperation with national legislative bodies. To promote Chinese medicine to obtain its due status in a foreign country.


Yegorov is also the vice chairman of the Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament) health committee. When talking about the role that traditional Chinese medicine can play in the modern medical system, he said that Western mainstream medical methods are not effective for all diseases, especially when relieving some chronic pain, and some Chinese medicine. Therapeutic techniques have a special effect on these diseases, and traditional Chinese medicine can enrich the existing treatments in the West.


“Research shows that about 50% of the factors affecting human health are related to lifestyle. Chinese medicine has a lot of health theory, and reasonable health methods can achieve health and disease prevention,” Yegorov said.


Yegorov said that Western "orthodox" medicine often has doubts about traditional medicine in various countries, but Chinese pharmacist Tu Yu is based on the characteristics of Chinese traditional medicine to study the characteristics of herbal medicine and found artemisinin. “We are very grateful to Tu Yan and the traditional creative research carried out by traditional medical experts from all over the world... I hope that researchers will get more such great achievements in the field of traditional medicine, so that traditional medicine including Chinese medicine can get the proper medicine in modern medical system. Legal status."


Yegorov said that the Russian Duma is currently discussing the revision of the relevant provisions of the Russian Health Care Law and further standardizing the traditional medical work in Russia. Some of the legislative amendments are directly related to the promotion of Chinese medicine in Russia. The Russian Ministry of Health has recently established the Traditional Medical Coordination Committee, which is responsible for assessing the status quo of traditional medical care in Russia, formulating new regulations for managing traditional medical care, and promoting the application of traditional therapy of Shanghe and BRICS in Russia, including Chinese medicine. In the promotion of Chinese medicine, the Russian Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education are cooperating with Chinese traditional Chinese medicine administrations, universities and Chinese medicine institutions in Russia to obtain more convenient certifications for Russian practitioners in terms of qualifications and qualifications for wider medical practice.


Yegorov is also the chairman of the Russian Federation of Traditional Medical Experts. The institution he is leading is actively promoting the establishment of a university within the framework of the SCO, combining Western modern medicine with Oriental traditional medicine to realize the integration of Eastern and Western medicine. Research.


The St. Petersburg Chinese Medicine Center of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine is one of the organizers of this conference. Wang Chaoyang, the director of the center, told reporters that the Chinese medicine law can play a beneficial supplement to Western medicine modern therapy. Traditional Chinese medicine is the main force of Chinese medicine law, but traditional Chinese medicine, especially the processed pieces, must have legislative support to enter Russia and other European and American countries. There is still a long way to go to complete this work.


Chinese Herbal Pieces are traditional Chinese medicines based on Chinese medicine theory, processed and processed, and can be directly used in traditional Chinese medicine, such as Astragalus and Angelica.


"At present, the Chinese medicines introduced by the Chinese side are easier to enter the European and American countries than the decoction pieces," said Wang Chaoyang. "For the overseas promotion of Chinese medicine, if the Chinese units can continue to strengthen their ties with the Russian State Duma and other national parliaments, they will help the foreign side to promote The legislative work of Chinese herbal medicines and Chinese patent medicines will have great benefits for the overseas development of Chinese medicine."


Wang Chaoyang said that Chinese medicine has served the Chinese people for a long history. Traditional Chinese medicine belongs not only to China but also to all human beings. "I believe that with the continuous deepening of contacts between China and the rest of the world, Chinese medicine will be accepted by more and more countries and make greater contributions to the health care of people of all countries."