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Qiu Deliang: Chinese medicine healthy city is an important demonstration of global health

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The 2nd International Forum on Chinese Medicine, hosted by the International Exchange and Cooperation Branch of the Chinese National Medicine Association, was held in Beijing on January 3-4, 2017. The theme of this conference is the internationalization of Chinese medicine and healthy China, promoting the internationalization of Chinese medicine and building a community of human health destiny.


On the afternoon of January 3, Qiu Deliang, deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and director of the Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, delivered a keynote speech at the Chinese Medicine Health City and Global Health Forum.


Health is the goal and vision that human beings have long pursued. Under the influence of globalization, the concept of "global health" came into being. Global health is an area where research and practice promote health and health equity for all human beings. It focuses on health issues that transcend national borders and regions. China is a responsible member of the international community and has been a healthy and active advocate and firm practitioner of the world. China's population health and health governance affect global health, and China's health strategy will provide experience for global health. This year, the Party Central Committee and the State Council issued the "Outline for the "Healthy China 2030" Plan", which reflects the new ideas, new ideas and new requirements of the party and the state to safeguard the people's health. As an important part of medical services with Chinese characteristics, traditional Chinese medicine will play its due role in the construction of healthy China.


A healthy city is an important part of healthy China. A healthy Chinese city is an important area for Chinese medicine to serve China. It is an important demonstration of global health and is of great significance.


First, the Chinese medicine health city paradigm


The goal pursued by healthy cities is to create a supportive environment that is conducive to health, to improve the quality of life of residents, to meet the basic health needs of residents, and to improve access to health services. The participation of Chinese medicine in the construction of a healthy city is based on such a goal and forms its own paradigm.


(1) The concept of Chinese medicine leads the development direction of healthy cities


The concept of "treating the disease" in Chinese medicine is its own advantage. "No disease first, prevention, disease prevention", advocates that people cherish life, pay attention to health, prevent problems before they happen. For thousands of years, traditional Chinese medicine was produced and developed by ancient Chinese ancestors in the process of adapting to nature and recognizing the laws of life, and played an irreplaceable role in human reproduction. Since the 19th century, with the progress of society, people's living environment, living styles, eating habits, etc. have undergone major changes. The importance of health around the world is mostly limited to disease treatment, while ignoring disease prevention, living environment, etc. . A healthy city should be integrated into the concept of "Heaven and Man" in Chinese medicine. People and nature live in harmony, humanity and closeness to nature. The goal pursued by healthy cities is to include health issues in the agenda of urban decision-makers, to create a city that is environmentally livable, socially harmonious, healthy, convenient, and energetic. The concept of Chinese medicine fits the development of healthy cities and has a leading role. effect.


(2) The content of Chinese medicine services constitutes an important part of a healthy city


Traditional Chinese medicine is an important means and unique resource with Chinese characteristics for disease prevention, health and longevity. It is rooted in Chinese culture, has a broad base among the people, is simple and inexpensive, and is a healthy city in healthy cities, especially in developing countries. In the middle, the investment is small, the coverage is wide, and the effect is good. Traditional Chinese medicine medical service is an important part of the health city medical service network. From traditional Chinese medicine medical institutions to community health service centers, it can provide Chinese medicine services with accessibility. With the deep involvement of Chinese medicine in the development of healthy cities, Chinese medicine has developed synergistically with the industries of pension, tourism and culture, forming a new format, and its role has become more prominent.


(3) Chinese medicine activities become a conscious choice of urban residents


The demand, recognition and support of Chinese residents for Chinese medicine is the basis and driving force for the development of healthy Chinese medicine. Among the healthy cities of traditional Chinese medicine, the concept of health care, leisure activities, health tourism, health care and sports related to traditional Chinese medicine will become the conscious choice of urban residents. The advantages of traditional Chinese medicine prevention and health care are more prominent, and the health management of Chinese medicine characteristics is fully developed. The promotion and popularization of Chinese medicine health knowledge is more abundant, and the Chinese medicine health culture is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Encourage and support the development of Chinese medicine health culture industry, create more healthy cultural works, advocate a healthy culture, and continuously meet the growing multi-level health culture needs of the people.


Second, the practice of Chinese medicine healthy city


Jilin Province is one of the provinces that started healthy urban construction earlier. In 2008, Changchun City implemented the Healthy Changchun Action Plan and formulated the “Healthy Changchun Action Plan (2009-2012)”, which achieved remarkable results. In 2013, Changchun City was invited to participate in the 8th World Health Promotion Conference held in Helsinki, sharing the construction experience and achievements of healthy Changchun. Since then, Gongzhuling City, Tonghua County, and Gan'an County have also proposed a healthy city construction plan. In 2016, the "Opinions of the Jilin Provincial People's Government on Accelerating the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Province" proposed to further improve the Chinese medicine health service system and governance system. The development level and service quality of Chinese medicine have been significantly improved, and the Chinese medicine service for everyone has been realized. Give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in the construction of a healthy city. The province has actively explored and accumulated valuable experience.


(1) Developing high-quality services for Chinese medicine and creating a new realm of medical services


Jilin Province is committed to establishing a Chinese medicine medical service system with public TCM medical institutions as the leading, non-public TCM medical institutions, and outstanding basic Chinese medicine service capabilities. At present, there are 68 public Chinese medicine hospitals in the province and above, and the number of beds in public Chinese medicine hospitals per 10,000 population has increased to 5.1. 95% of the community health service centers in the province can provide Chinese medicine services and improve the accessibility of Chinese medicine services. . In the four years of implementing the Healthy City Action Plan, Changchun City has realized a 15-minute medical circle and an 8-minute fitness circle. Every 50,000 people have an institution that provides basic medical services, and 46 standardized community health service institutions are established. The General Hospital of Chinese Medicine Hospital has a construction area of ​​56,000 square meters and 625 new beds. Tonghua County implemented a healthy city construction, invested 106 million yuan, and built a new county hospital in different places, opened 200 beds and built 13 convenient Chinese medicine museums.


(2) Carrying out characteristic health management and establishing a new mode of combining medical care


In the construction of a healthy city, we will play a leading role in the treatment of Chinese medicine, strengthen the health management center of traditional Chinese medicine, and build a center for “treatment of disease”, and explore the development model of hospitals that integrate medical care, old-age care, rehabilitation, and preventive health care. . Gongzhuling City continued to promote the "treatment of disease" project of Chinese medicine, strengthen the 10-minute TCM health care service circle, and rely on the city hospital to promote Chinese medicine health services integrating health culture, health management, health maintenance and health intervention. Gan'an County has established a medical care center based on traditional Chinese medicine, which integrates old-age care, medical care, prevention, health care, rehabilitation, emotional comfort, leisure and entertainment. It has 280 beds and more than 20 Chinese medicine service projects. There were 3,809 patients and 445 person-times. In 2017, the county will also build a new medical care center covering an area of ​​20,000 square meters, reflecting the characteristics of Chinese medicine. Tonghua County plans to invest 10 million yuan to build a traditional Chinese medicine service center, and open a new model of medical care.


(3) Developing health tourism projects to create a new field of cultural leisure


The “Tourism + Chinese Medicine” campaign was implemented to integrate Chinese medicine health tourism into the construction of a healthy city, and to build a Chinese medicine health tourism product integrating Chinese herbal medicine cultivation, Chinese medicine health service, Chinese medicine culture landscape, traditional fitness exercise and medicated diet. Tonghua County invested 20 million yuan to build four tourist routes with concentrated medical bath, Chinese medicine rehabilitation, massage therapy, and Chinese herbal medicine planting and viewing. Gongzhuling conducts a 10-minute Chinese medicine health promotion circle and a 30-minute healthy sports circle to promote traditional Chinese medicine health care sports such as Tai Chi, Health Qigong and guidance, and guide urban residents to green leisure and healthy health.


III. Reflections on the construction of healthy cities in traditional Chinese medicine


Summarizing the practice of building a healthy city for Chinese medicine, we feel that the construction of a healthy Chinese city is clear, but the detailed measures need to be improved. The pilot work has achieved results, but the summary promotion is not enough and further efforts are needed.


(1) Strengthening top-level design and planning first


To build a healthy Chinese city, we must strengthen theoretical and practical research, objectively analyze the characteristic advantages, key areas, implementation paths, and specific measures of traditional Chinese medicine in the construction of a healthy city. We must do a good job in top-level design to clarify the goal of building a healthy Chinese city. , principles, tasks, priorities, and safeguards; to refine the action plan, propose personalized solutions for different time and space, different groups of people, different needs, and make institutional arrangements.


(2) Defining the main body of responsibility and participating in multiple parties


To build a healthy Chinese city, we must establish a complete responsibility system. The government is the main responsible person for the construction of a healthy city. It is necessary to provide Chinese medicine services to urban residents, promote the construction of medical service systems, and ensure the accessibility of Chinese medicine services. All government departments must assume health responsibilities, fulfill their health obligations, and achieve effective cooperation in Chinese medicine health services. Enterprises, institutions and individuals providing Chinese medicine services and Chinese medicine products shall comply with relevant laws and regulations, be honest and trustworthy, and provide quality services or products. To activate the market, establish an institutional mechanism for multi-participation.


(3) Strengthening service capabilities and laying the foundation


To build a healthy Chinese city, the most fundamental thing is to embody the characteristics and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and play its irreplaceable role. Strengthening the service capacity of Chinese medicine and building a high-quality team of Chinese medicine professionals is the foundation of a healthy Chinese medicine city. The Chinese medicine industry must continuously strengthen its own construction, build a strong team, and innovate Chinese medicine academics to better serve human health.


(4) Improve public literacy and expand demand


To build a healthy Chinese city, we must consolidate the mass base of Chinese medicine and expand demand. It is necessary to publicize the popularization of traditional Chinese medicine through the popularization of Chinese medicine science and culture, popularize the knowledge of Chinese medicine health, let the public understand Chinese medicine, understand Chinese medicine, feel Chinese medicine, and then enjoy Chinese medicine services.


The unique role of traditional Chinese medicine in health promotion has drawn wide attention from all over the world, and it is expected that Chinese medicine will play a greater role in human health. A healthy city of traditional Chinese medicine is an important area of ​​the global health strategy. It is China's contribution to humanity by exploiting its own cultural advantages and unique traditional medical advantages. It is a positive exploration for global health. The successful experience of Chinese medicine healthy cities will certainly provide reference for other countries and regions.