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Li Bin: Identifying the focus of Chinese medicine in the construction of healthy China

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On January 9th, the 2017 National Conference on Chinese Medicine was held in Beijing to summarize the work of Chinese medicine in 2016 and to deploy various tasks for 2017. Li Bin, director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and secretary of the party group, attended the meeting and pointed out that Chinese medicine is the gospel of the people's health in China. Both Chinese and Western medicine should bring double health and well-being to our people. She demanded that we firmly grasp the strategic opportunities for the revitalization and development of Chinese medicine, pay close attention to implementation, identify the key points of Chinese medicine in the construction of a healthy China, and translate various opportunities and conditions into tangible results. Wang Guoqiang, deputy director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, made a work report.


Li Bin fully affirmed the remarkable achievements in the work of Chinese medicine in 2016. The Chinese medicine industry has entered a new era of legal development, and the Chinese medicine planning and organization leadership system has taken important steps. The deepening reform of Chinese medicine has achieved new results. The development of the Chinese medicine industry has made great progress, and Chinese medicine has contributed more to the development of economic, social and cultural diplomacy. More power.


Li Bin said that the revitalization and development of the Chinese medicine industry has ushered in a good opportunity for "time, location and people". The internal and external environment is very favorable and the strategic opportunities are unprecedented. The guiding ideology for the revitalization and development of Chinese medicine has matured day by day. The strategic deployment of TCM revitalization and development is basically complete. The implementation path of TCM revitalization and development has become clear, and the international environment for the revitalization and development of TCM has been continuously optimized. Li Bin demanded that the opportunity be grasped and used to promote the convergence of Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and that the precious wealth left to our ancestors should be inherited, developed and utilized well, and a new chapter in the development of Chinese medicine should be written in practical action.


The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be held in 2017. It is an important year for the full implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan. It is a year of deepening the structural reform of the supply side and a crucial year for promoting the construction of a healthy China. The party committee of the National Health and Family Planning Commission has identified 2017 as the “year of work implementation”. Li Bin hopes that the national Chinese medicine system will adhere to the general tone of steady progress and work, and “catch the implementation” as the main theme to ensure that the tasks of the year are completed and greeted with excellent results. The party’s 19th National Congress was convened.


First, we must implement Chinese medicine laws and plans. It is necessary to take the preparations for the implementation of the Chinese Medicine Law as an urgent task. Organize the study propaganda and popularization work, do a good job of legal interpretation, and formulate relevant supporting systems to ensure the unity and authority of the Chinese Medicine Law. It is necessary to implement the Outline of the Strategic Plan for the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2016-2030) and study and formulate major policies, major projects, and major projects.


Second, we must inject more "Chinese medicine elements" into deepening medical reform and health care plan work. Chinese medicine should be more proactively integrated into the overall situation of medical reform, so that the five basic medical and health systems more reflect the "Chinese medicine element." It is necessary to give full play to the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, the unique role of preventive health care, and flexible treatment methods, and strive to provide the people with health services covering the whole life cycle.


Third, we must strengthen the construction of Chinese medicine talents. It is necessary to thoroughly implement the spirit of the important speech delivered by Vice Premier Liu Yandong at the symposium on the 60th anniversary of the reform and development of higher education in Chinese medicine, follow the law of training Chinese medicine professionals, establish a system of training and training of Chinese medicine teachers, and fully integrate into college education, post-graduate education and Continuing Education. Strengthen the construction of studios for famous old Chinese medicine experts and cultivate key talents at multiple levels. Do a good job in the third session of the master of Chinese medicine, the national famous Chinese medicine evaluation and commendation, establish the academic benchmark of the Chinese medicine industry and a model of life.


Fourth, we must vigorously develop the Chinese medicine industry. The work of Chinese medicine should meet the diversified and differentiated health needs of the people as the starting point and the foothold, focus on the whole cycle of life and the whole process of health, carry out the healthy management of traditional Chinese medicine characteristics, and accelerate the development of new formats such as healthy endowment and healthy tourism of traditional Chinese medicine. . Establish and improve the distribution of benefits and incentives for scientific and technological innovation in Chinese medicine institutions, and improve the efficiency of scientific research results. Vigorously promote the integration and development of TCM, Twenty-three industries, and build the TCM industry into a strategic industry with unique advantages and broad market prospects in national economic and social development.


Fifth, we must implement the principle of strictly administering the party's main responsibility. It is necessary to carry out in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session as an important political task of the national health and family planning system, strengthen the party's leadership over health and family planning and Chinese medicine work, implement party and party rules and regulations, and further strengthen the party's political life. Strengthen the party building work of the Chinese medicine hospital, strengthen the construction of medical ethics, and carry out in-depth special campaigns on unhealthy practices in the purchase, sale and medical services of medicines.


Ji Jianhua, deputy director of the Health Bureau of the Central Military Commission Logistics Department, and Yu Wenming, Ma Jianzhong, Wang Zhiyong and Yan Shujiang, deputy directors of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine attended the meeting.