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Jilin builds a brand of traditional Chinese medicine health center

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Recently, the Jilin Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration reported on the implementation of the Jilin Traditional Chinese Medicine Characteristic Elderly Health Center project. Li Jinxiu, deputy governor of Jilin Province, said: Promoting the integration of Chinese medicine and old-age care is a good thing to expand the service of Chinese medicine and benefit the people's livelihood. . We hope to continue to intensify efforts, strive to innovate and explore, and strive to make the health care of Chinese medicine in Jilin Province a nationally renowned brand.
The Jilin Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Characteristic Elderly Health Center Project is a livelihood of the Jilin Provincial Government in 2016. The 6 county-level traditional Chinese medicine characteristics old-age health center projects will be undertaken by the Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the provincial government will allocate a special fund of 9 million yuan for project construction. After the establishment of the Jilin Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine System, six units have adopted the construction agreement signed at the beginning of the year, through the reform, expansion and new forms, integrating the health management of traditional Chinese medicine, providing health care, medical care, rehabilitation for the elderly in the district’s old-age care institutions. Nursing and other services to achieve the integration of Chinese medicine hospitals and old-age care institutions.
As of the end of October 2016, the total area of ​​traditional Chinese medicine treatment for elderly health centers has reached 10,569 square meters. The number of open beds in the traditional Chinese medicine health center has reached 247, the number of outpatient services has reached 59,250, and the number of discharged patients has reached 5,693. The number of non-pharmaceutical TCM technical intervention services has reached 2,1998, and the number of outpatient prescriptions has reached 35,715. Through the project construction, the quality of the clinic is provided to the masses, the service flow of the department is more standardized, and the advantages of the health management of Chinese medicine are more prominent, and the physical and mental health and quality of life of the elderly are comprehensively improved.
In 2017, Jilin Province will build six more county-level traditional Chinese medicine health centers for the elderly. In 2020, the county-level Chinese medicine hospitals above the second level of the province will complete the construction of traditional Chinese medicine characteristics elderly health centers to create Chinese medicine characteristics. Nationally renowned brand of aged health center.