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The province will build a Chinese medicine health tourism demonstration zone

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The reporter learned today from the provincial Chinese medicine work conference that in 2017, the province will focus on the construction of a healthy city for Chinese medicine services and focus on promoting the development of Chinese medicine health services. We will promote the pilot work of the construction of healthy cities for Chinese medicine services such as Gongzhuling City, Tonghua County and Gan'an County, explore new modes of health care for Chinese medicine, and enhance the service capacity of Chinese medicine health care. Continue to carry out the construction of six county-level Chinese medicine hospitals with traditional Chinese medicine characteristics of the elderly health center, improve the elderly health service capacity of Chinese medicine hospitals, promote the Chinese medicine hospitals to provide traditional Chinese medicine technical support for the aged care institutions, and explore a new mode of cooperation between Chinese medicine hospitals and old-age care institutions. Develop Chinese medicine health tourism, and cooperate with the Provincial Tourism Commission to build a Chinese medicine health tourism demonstration zone (base, project), and integrate TCM health care, rehabilitation, cultural communication and tourism-integrated TCM health tourism.