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Promote the development of Chinese medicine with a high degree of cultural self-confidence

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Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping has attached great importance to the inheritance and development of China's excellent traditional medicine culture, and clearly put forward the "strive to promote the development of Chinese medicine," and comprehensively plan the development of Chinese medicine from the height of national strategy. And system deployment, clarifying the guiding ideology and goals and tasks of developing Chinese medicine under the new situation, and pointing out the direction and providing follow-up for promoting the development of Chinese medicine. We must promote the revitalization and development of Chinese medicine with a high degree of cultural self-confidence, promote the building of a healthy China, and help the realization of the Chinese nation's great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream.


Chinese medicine is a treasure of the Chinese nation


Comrade Xi Jinping pointed out that Chinese medicine is "the precious wealth left by our ancestors", "the treasure of the Chinese nation", and the "key to open the treasure house of Chinese civilization". "The philosophical wisdom that embodies the profound wisdom and the healthy health of the Chinese nation for thousands of years." Ideas and practical experience." These important expositions highlight the irreplaceable importance of traditional Chinese medicine in Chinese excellent traditional culture.


On the theoretical level, traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes "the combination of heaven and man" and "the five elements of yin and yang", which embodies the philosophical wisdom of the Chinese culture and the law, and promotes the "three causes" and "dialectical treatment", which reflects that the Chinese nation has changed from time to time. The unique way of thinking that stands for perfection; advocates "big doctors sincerely" and "benevolence and benevolence", which embodies the humanistic spirit of the Chinese nation's life and the virtues. Traditional Chinese medicine has not only made outstanding contributions to the formation and development of China's excellent traditional culture, but also provided useful enlightenment for the Chinese nation to understand and transform the world and become an important symbol of the Chinese nation.


disease" in health care, and has accumulated rich health care concepts and methods in the long-term development, forming a unique health and health culture, deeply integrated into the daily life of Chinese people. For example, it emphasizes that people live in harmony with nature and society, and that “people and the world are also involved, and the sun and the moon are also corresponding”; emphasis on lifestyle and health is closely related, pay attention to “food and drink, daily life, regular work, no work Emphasizing the cultivation of moral health, "the benevolent life", "the good health, when the moral behavior of the Lord, and the nursery as the accompanying"; emphasis on "physical and mental integration", pay attention to the unity of nourishment, nourishment, and nourishment; and so on.


The isomorphism of Chinese medicine in the theoretical level and Chinese culture and its mass in the practice level make it a unique and excellent cultural resource in China. In this sense, the development of Chinese medicine is to inherit and carry forward the fine traditional Chinese culture, and to inherit and promote the Chinese traditional culture must develop Chinese medicine. Promote the creative transformation and innovative development of TCM health and wellness culture, focus on the combination of practice and cultivation, and achieve the effect of externalized TCM health and wellness concept on internalization and internalization of Chinese cultural values. It is necessary to handle the relationship between the ancient and the present, to coordinate the health and wellness culture of traditional Chinese medicine with the production and life of modern society, and to transform it into a healthy behavior and lifestyle of the people in a form that people like to see and have a wide participation. The relationship between the two countries adheres to the complementary advantages and integration of the concepts and methods of Chinese and Western medicine, so that the healthy and healthy culture of Chinese medicine can be integrated with the concept of modern health, so that the Chinese people and the people of the world can enjoy the benefits of healthy Chinese medicine. At present, because of its unique health care and health care methods, it is easy to be accepted by foreign people. Traditional Chinese medicine has become an important representative of the soft power of Chinese culture. It is necessary to make good use of the tangible carrier of traditional Chinese medicine, so that it can spread the Chinese traditional culture without a voice, carry forward the Chinese spirit and convey Chinese values.


Traditional Chinese medicine is a medical science that is constantly enriching and developing.


Comrade Xi Jinping pointed out that Chinese medicine is a "treasure of ancient Chinese science". "In-depth research and scientific summarization of Chinese medicine have positive significance for enriching the world medical cause and promoting life science research." These important expositions not only fully affirm that Chinese medicine is a unique and valuable medical science in China, but also profoundly point out that Chinese medicine has profound theoretical precipitation and practical accumulation, and is of great significance to the enrichment and development of human civilization.


The British scholar Joseph Needham wrote in the book "The History of Chinese Science and Technology": Although ancient China made important contributions to the development of human science and technology, why did the scientific and industrial revolution not occur in modern China? In fact, science is not the only form of expression. China's science is not the same as Western science. The methods adopted by Western science are not the only way to acquire scientific knowledge. Western science cannot be regarded as the sole criterion for measuring science. China has its own scientific tradition, and Chinese medicine is one of the most representative categories of traditional Chinese science. Like other Chinese native sciences, Chinese medicine gradually integrates Chinese philosophy such as Tao, Qi, Yinyang and Wuxing in the process of development, and gradually builds yin and yang, five elements, five movements and six qi, Tibetan elephant meridians, qi and blood, syndrome differentiation and treatment. Taste of the classics and other complete theoretical systems, the realization of unique medical and philosophy, the integration and unification of the natural sciences and humanities, in the thousands of years of practice has formed a global scale unique, effective, covering human life The medical science of the cycle.


As the original medical science of the Chinese nation, traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the evolution of time and overall cognition. It reveals the laws of human health and disease occurrence from a macroscopic and systematic perspective, and profoundly reflects the world outlook, values ​​and epistemology of the Chinese nation. It is an important means of dying from diarrhea, strengthening the body and prolonging life. In history, the Chinese nation has been repeatedly subjected to natural disasters, wars and plagues, but it has been able to turn to safety again and again. The population is increasing and civilization is passed down. Traditional Chinese medicine has contributed. At present, Chinese medicine has increasingly shown unique value and advancement for many problems and dilemmas faced by human health. For example, Chinese medicine emphasizes "treatment without disease", pays attention to "no disease first prevention, disease prevention and prevention, and prevention after treatment", which embodies the idea of ​​"prevention first"; for some serious diseases that threaten human health such as cancer, AIDS, Chinese medicine or integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment can often achieve better results; Chinese medicine is easy to use, does not rely on a variety of complex equipment, can better solve the medical problems of the grassroots; Chinese medicine will be drug therapy and non-drug therapy Combined, the cost is relatively low, and it is more effective in saving health resources; and so on.


More than a hundred years ago, Western medicine was introduced to China, and the dispute between Chinese and Western medical sciences and the dispute over the survival of Chinese medicine has continued to this day. On the basis of strengthening the confidence of Chinese culture, we must have firm scientific self-confidence, understand the unique value of Chinese medicine, break the superstition of Western medicine, clarify the differences between China and the West, Chinese medicine and Western medicine from epistemology, and handle the relationship between Chinese medicine and Western medicine. With an open and inclusive attitude to promote the better integration of traditional medicine and modern medicine, adhere to the mutual learning of Chinese and Western medicine, and work together to benefit mankind. Traditional Chinese medicine is the magnificent fruit of Chinese culture in the field of life sciences. The development and breakthrough of Chinese medicine will surely have a huge positive effect on the future development of Chinese culture and world civilization.


Grasping the key tasks of promoting the revitalization and development of Chinese medicine


Comrade Xi Jinping pointed out that at present, the revitalization and development of Chinese medicine ushers in a good opportunity for time, place and people. It is hoped that the majority of Chinese medicine practitioners will enhance national self-confidence, climb the medical peak, explore the essence of Chinese medicine treasures, and give full play to Chinese medicine. The unique advantages of promoting the modernization of Chinese medicine, promoting the Chinese medicine to the world, and effectively inheriting, developing and utilizing the precious wealth left by the ancestors of Chinese medicine, and writing in the great journey of building a healthy China and realizing the Chinese dream. A new chapter. In-depth study and implementation of Comrade Xi Jinping's new ideas and new requirements for revitalizing the development of Chinese medicine, we must give full play to the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the inheritance and innovation as the theme, and promote and safeguard the health of the people, in order to promote Chinese medicine, Focusing on the coordinated development of health care, scientific research, education, industry and culture, we will promote the modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine with the core of improving the ability of Chinese medicine to prevent and treat diseases and academic standards. In particular, we must focus on the following four key tasks.


Give full play to the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and make a difference in the peak of medical training. Focusing on major health and health issues facing China and the world, we will strengthen scientific research and joint research, and form a group of original, leading, and cutting-edge major scientific and technological achievements, and create new characteristics. Establish and improve the Chinese medicine service system, broaden the field of Chinese medicine health services, improve the disease prevention, treatment capacity and service quality of Chinese medicine, strive to play the leading role of Chinese medicine in treating diseases, and play a synergistic role in the treatment of major diseases. The core role of disease rehabilitation, meet the needs of Chinese medicine for the whole cycle of life and health, and complement and coordinate development with Western medicine to build a health and health service system with Chinese characteristics.


Adhere to creative transformation and innovative development, and make a difference in the inheritance and development of Chinese medicine culture. Follow the rules of cultural development that integrates Chinese and Western cultures, and in accordance with the requirements of embodying the times, grasping the regularity, being creative, and focusing on effectiveness, promoting the healthy health culture of Chinese medicine to adapt to the changing times and social needs, and paying attention to lifestyle development. Extensively disseminate the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine culture, so that the traditional Chinese medicine health and health wisdom, health concepts and knowledge methods recorded in ancient books, integrated into life, and applied to the clinic can be vividly promoted, promoted, promoted the health and well-being of the people, and helped to inherit and develop the fine traditions of China. culture.


The development of the Chinese medicine health industry has made a difference in promoting the supply-side structural reform. Promote the optimization and upgrading of Chinese medicine health services, promote the integration of traditional Chinese medicine with old-age care, tourism, culture and poverty alleviation, effectively develop Chinese medicine resources, produce a number of new products and new formats that meet market and health needs, and develop a number of characteristics with Chinese medicine. Medical equipment and equipment to create new supplies, lead new demands, and unleash new kinetic energy. Explore the resources of traditional Chinese medicine in poverty-stricken areas, and implement local poverty alleviation measures such as industrialization of Chinese herbal medicines and healthy tourism of traditional Chinese medicines in light of local conditions.


Promote the overseas development of Chinese medicine, and make a difference in the construction of the “Belt and Road” service. Give full play to the unique role of traditional Chinese medicine in close humanities exchanges, service diplomacy, and promotion of people's livelihood, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Chinese medicines along the “Belt and Road” countries, and create a new pattern of all-round opening up of Chinese medicine, providing not only medical services but also development. Chinese medicine services trade, but also tell the Chinese story, show the charm of Chinese culture and the vitality of contemporary China. Adhere to policy communication, improve inter-governmental exchanges and cooperation mechanisms; adhere to resource intercommunication, share Chinese medicine services with countries along the line; adhere to the commonwealth of the people, strengthen cultural exchanges with countries along the line; adhere to science and technology connectivity, promote the inheritance and innovation of Chinese medicine; adhere to smooth trade, Develop Chinese medicine health service industry and make Chinese medicine a bright "Chinese business card".


At present, the status and role of traditional Chinese medicine in economic and social development is becoming more and more important. It has become a unique health resource, a huge potential economic resource, a scientific and technological resource with original advantages, excellent cultural resources and important ecological resources. We must adhere to the people-centered development thinking, firmly grasp the historical opportunities of time, place, and people, and effectively inherit, develop, and make good use of Chinese medicine. By 2020, we will basically enjoy the services of Chinese medicine for everyone. By 2030, we will achieve full coverage of the Chinese medicine service sector and make greater contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the progress of world civilization.


(Author: Wang Guoqiang, deputy director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the State Administration of Traditional Secretary)