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Jilin healthy city construction borrows from Chinese medicine

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Recently, it was learned from the 2017 Jilin Traditional Chinese Medicine Work Conference that the Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Gongzhuling City, Gan'an County and Tonghua County Government signed the "Framework Agreement for Joint Promotion of Healthy Medicine Cooperation in Traditional Chinese Medicine Services" to test the health city of aquatic medicine services. Construction.


The "Agreement" proposes to give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, continuously improve development policies and mechanisms, promote the integration and development of Chinese medicine industry and undertakings, and promote the construction of a healthy city of traditional Chinese medicine services in the province. Through the construction of a healthy city, the Chinese medicine is fully integrated into the production and life of the residents. The accessibility of Chinese medicine services is continuously improved, the health literacy of the residents' traditional Chinese medicine is continuously improved, and the health contribution rate of the Chinese medicine service residents is significantly enhanced.


It is reported that the contents of the joint construction cover four aspects of expanding the service areas of Chinese medicine, improving the service capacity of Chinese medicine, strengthening the construction of Chinese medicine talents and innovating the popularization model of Chinese medicine culture, including promoting the construction of the elderly rehabilitation department of Chinese medicine hospitals and the comprehensive services of Chinese medicine in township hospitals. The construction of the district (Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum), the construction of provincial key specialties of the county hospital, and the construction of the studio of the old Chinese medicine experts at the grassroots level, explore the mode of combining traditional Chinese medicine health care and medical care, and carry out the promotion of Chinese medicine culture.