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Xu daqing, general manager of zixin pharmaceutical co., ltd. was invited to attend the promotion activity of the 13th China consumer economy high-level BBS and "March 15 China consumer market influential brand (product)" in 2019

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From March 14 to 15, 2019, the promotion activity of the 13th China consumer economy high-level BBS and "March 15 China consumer market influential brand (product)" was held in Beijing, which was organized by the BBS organizing committee of China consumer economy high-level and sponsored by consumption daily. Xu daqing, general manager of zixin pharmaceutical was invited to attend and make an important speech on BBS.
This activity aims to strengthen consumer product and service standard system construction, strengthen the credit in the field of consumption function of incentive and constraint, give full play to the enterprise industry integrity, self-discipline and stick to hot system reform, the health industry development strategy planning and pulse medicine industry development trend, for the Chinese medicine industry, enterprises to provide reference for the innovation and transformation of opinions, jointly promote the development of Chinese consumer economy quality.
Many media participated in the activity, including People's Daily, guangming net, xinhuanet, CCTV net, sohu net,, China county economic daily, China information daily, Beijing evening news, tencent video, tudou video, iQIYI and other national media and local mainstream media. The participating media tracked and reported the whole process of the event.
In this rapidly changing "Internet plus" era, it is worth exploring how to push the whole pharmaceutical industry to go against the trend and turn stone into gold under the new situation. In the 13th China consumer economy high-level BBS, xu daqing, general manager of zixin pharmaceutical co., LTD., as one of the representatives of leading enterprises in the industry, participated in the high-level dialogue of "sharing the same breath, sharing the same fate, and building a community of Shared future in the consumer market". Discuss the survival way of product quality and brand building in consumer market in the era of credit consumption. Topics include strategic strategies for upgrading consumption and improving quality, fostering domestic markets and seizing international opportunities, and risk control and enhancing the integrity system.
In his speech, general manager xu said that the upgrading of consumption means that products must be upgraded. As the post-80s and 90s generation become the main force of consumption, their consumption demand also changes, and their demand for individualization and quality is gradually improved. At the same time, he called on enterprises to pay attention to the concept of quality, quality management, and establish relevant departments to pay attention to quality supervision and inspection.
On the topic of risk control and integrity system construction, general manager xu said that increasing supervision and deepening brand awareness need to be carried out continuously. He pointed out that "the establishment of a brand in good faith is complementary to the establishment of a brand.
In addition, the event also selected medicine, home appliances, e-commerce, mobile phones, food and other key industries in the country, to pay attention to enterprise credit, pay attention to product quality, cherish the enterprise brand, the courage to take the initiative to issue credit commitment of enterprises and brands for publicity and recognition and display. In the "March 15 list of influential brands (products) in China's consumer market" released during the event, zixin pharmaceutical won the title of top ten influential brands in the pharmaceutical industry.