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Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Industrical Co.,Ltd and 34 pharmaceutical industry signed cooperation agreement layout northeast big health industry

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On April 9, 2019, Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd., together with the first person of major Pharmaceutical chains in heilongjiang province, and dozens of ginseng experts and scholars from Jilin province and abroad, deeply discussed the research results, medicine and food homology, product development and other aspects of ginseng application with the theme of "ginseng, health, life".
Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd. Was founded in May, 1998. After nearly a decade of rapid development, the scale of the enterprise expanded continuously, and the output value of profit and tax climbed year after year. It was successfully listed in shenzhen stock exchange in March 2007. Now, it has become a high-tech joint-stock enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production, sales, medicinal plant and animal breeding.
Purple xin pharmaceutical proprietary Chinese medicine development is the foundation of the enterprise foothold, the ginseng industry, gene sequencing and future industrial hemp industry, as a pioneer in the development of enterprises, on the company's advanced processing technology, actively carry out research of key technology, realize the reasonable structural adjustment, the proprietary Chinese medicine, ginseng, gene sequencing machine keep three big industry.
Conference site, jilin zixin pharmaceutical chairman guo chunlin first speech. Guo chunlin believes that according to the health China 2030 planning outline, and the current actual industrial structure of purple xin pharmaceutical, to create a "diagnosis, treatment, health" trinity, "medicine, food, health care products" three shops with purple xin characteristics of the third terminal. On the basis of consolidating the drug sales market, efforts are made to develop and build ginseng counters to further promote the development of ginseng industry in jilin province.
"Purple xin ginseng" from the international leading research and development force, two major high-tech research and development institutions, constitute the leading experts and scholars, doctor, master as the main backbone of the research and development team, for purple xin ginseng to create "technology ginseng" to provide scientific and technological support. As the key to the development of the company, the development and upgrading of zixin pharmaceutical products have established a stepped scientific research system of "generation of production, generation of storage and generation of development", and formed a complete range of products with reasonable structure.
At the press conference, the participants expressed profound significance for the launch of the strategic cooperation of the "2019 ginseng counter". Nowadays, a variety of new technologies, new integration and new development are emerging one after another. However, when integrating the new modes of "cross-border chain" and "huddle together" of pharmaceutical chain operation, all pharmaceutical enterprises present at the meeting also have a strong demand to accept and embrace new things.
At the signing ceremony, jilin zixin pharmaceutical signed the strategic cooperation agreement with 34 pharmaceutical enterprises in heilongjiang province, confirmed the all-weather strategic cooperative partnership, and signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement with the sales volume of ginseng products not less than 300 million yuan for 3 years.
The successful holding of this press conference not only promoted the ginseng culture and industry of zixin pharmaceutical, but also promoted "jilin ginseng", thus improving the popularity and influence of "the hometown of Chinese ginseng". It is believed that in the near future, in the development of new technologies into the real industry, the comprehensive development of ginseng industry and pharmaceutical industry will be driven, and more and better benefits will be brought to the general public.