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The popularization of the concept of big health brings opportunities to the Chinese medicine industry

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As of April 2018, 28 provinces, except liaoning, Tibet and qinghai, have formulated and issued plans, action plans or implementation plans for health industry or health service industry. Experts from all over the country said that with the implementation of China's health strategy, the concept of "big health" has been widely popularized in China, and the industries of TCM health maintenance, pension, tourism, health care and rehabilitation are booming."" in the first half of 2018, the financing amount of the domestic medical and health industry reached $5.46 billion, a sharp increase of 1.35 times compared with the same period last year, setting a record for the financing amount of the domestic medical and health industry in the first half of the year. Guo yunpei, President of China association of pharmaceutical enterprise management, said that with a huge population, aging, "Internet plus" and medical system reform, the total scale of China's medical and health industry is expected to exceed 8 trillion yuan by 2020."Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is an important resource for the big health industry, and the concept of curing non-disease in TCM is in line with the demand of the big health market. The popularization of the concept of big health will bring many opportunities for the development of TCM industry. Hui xue, vice President of marketing at buchang pharmaceutical group co., said Chinese medicine has some advantages in treating chronic diseases. Combining western medicine treatment with prevention is the best way to give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, expand the share of traditional Chinese medicine and benefit patients.Experts believe that China's rich resources of traditional Chinese medicine and provide a good basis for the development of the health industry. According to statistics, China operates more than 1200 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine, about 600 kinds of commonly used medicine, more than 300 kinds of artificial cultivation; The planting area of Chinese medicinal materials exceeds 50 million mu."The output value of the health industry in the United States has exceeded 1 trillion us dollars, and the annual income of the health industry in China is about 90 billion us dollars, with huge room for development. Guo yunpei and other experts introduced that the big health industry has a variety of investment channels, such as health care, beauty, equipment, services, etc. The next step is to expand the value of traditional Chinese medicine from multiple fields and perspectives, such as treatment, prevention, health care, health care, etc., to establish a unique whole life cycle of traditional Chinese medicine industry chain.