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Play three roles to serve the health of China - study and implement general secretary xi jinping's important discourse on the development of traditional Chinese medicine

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General secretary xi jinping stressed that "traditional Chinese medicine should play an important role in the treatment of diseases, the treatment of major diseases and the rehabilitation of diseases." When multiple disease threats coexist and multiple health influencing factors intermingle, it is imperative to establish the concept of "great health" and "great health", so as to transform from treating disease as the center to people's health as the center. Chinese medicine has much to offer. It is particularly important to promote the building of a healthy China, address the "difficulty" and "high cost" of access to medical services, give full play to the "three roles" of TCM, and improve and optimize the TCM service system covering the whole life cycle.We will give full play to the leading role of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in preventing and curing diseases, and build a TCM health service system that covers the entire life cycle of people growing up and getting old, so as to serve the construction of a healthy China. "Work on the disease, not the disease has not been treated." "A good doctor often treats a disease that has no disease, so there is no disease." Prevention is the most economical and effective health strategy, and cure of diseases is the characteristic advantage of TCM. Carefully cure not ill health project in 10 years were summed up the experience and practice, ZhaBai key problems which restrict the development of the cure not ill and core problem, at the same time, innovation service mode, improve the standard specification, makes the cure not ill health project in the "update", to do the reach mark, do not let people get sick, sick less often.We should give full play to the synergistic role of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of major diseases, work hard to improve the medical level, and strive to "see diseases that others cannot see" and "solve medical problems that others cannot solve". We should promote the collaboration between Chinese and western medicine in tackling major diseases, improve the clinical efficacy of major diseases, and highlight the synergistic and complementary advantages of the two kinds of medicine. We will build a number of national TCM centers, regional TCM diagnosis and treatment centers and advantageous key specialty groups, strengthen TCM prevention and treatment technologies for major diseases and chronic diseases and research and development of new drugs, and strive to produce a batch of original and iconic new drugs similar to artemisinin. To sum up the achievements and experience in the treatment of leukemia, acute abdomen and other major diseases with the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine, so as to carry forward the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine.We will give full play to the central role of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in disease rehabilitation, and make TCM featured rehabilitation more advantageous in shortening the course of disease and improving the quality of life. Postoperative decoction recuperation, dialectical acupuncture to reduce the sequela of stroke patients... Traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation methods such as acupuncture, massage and guided therapy are becoming more and more popular among patients. We need to implement as soon as possible the project to improve the capacity of TCM featured rehabilitation services, build a number of TCM rehabilitation regional diagnosis and treatment centers, and promote the establishment of rehabilitation departments in third-level TCM hospitals to meet the growing demand of the people for TCM featured rehabilitation services.The CPC central committee has always put people's health as the strategic priority for development, which is also the starting point and goal of TCM work. Entered the new era, we want to provide people with more quality and efficient health services as the target, and promote deepening reform work of traditional Chinese medicine, improve the beneficial to give play to the role of traditional Chinese medicine policy mechanism, improving of traditional Chinese medicine in health contribution rate of China's construction and clearer defect display, efforts to omni-directional, the whole cycle to ensure people's health, for the realization of the "two" one hundred goals, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation the Chinese dream of laying a solid foundation for health.