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Tonghua city plans to set up a 5 billion yuan support fund to solve the liquidity problem of listed companies

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The reporter learns from tonghua city finance office a few days ago, be opposite at present civilian battalion appears on the market the company faces equity pledge fluidity problem, tonghua city plans to initiate the scale that sets up 5 billion yuan to support appear on the market the company develops fund, support civilian battalion economy to develop with all one's strength. The fund will be jointly invested by the municipal and county governments and will actively introduce financial institutions and other social capital. The fund will formulate a scientific and reasonable investment plan according to the actual operation of each listed company. It will not seek for a controlling stake, do not interfere in the normal business activities of the enterprise, and hold shares in stages. Once the enterprise dissolves the liquidity crisis, it will exit in time.Tonghua is reform demonstration city of private economic development in northeast China, this year the city adhering to the "government around enterprises, enterprises have something in the" concept, to organize the implementation of the "five" (creation, a variable prices, small gauge, gauge change, shares listed) three-year action plan, introduced ten measures to strengthen the financial service entity economy encourage rules change, shares listed "double eight" measures, such as promoting the development of private enterprises with high quality. At the recent financial work conference, tonghua organized financial, tax, people's bank of China, banking supervision and other departments, together with more than ten commercial Banks in the region, to analyze the liquidity problem of private listed companies' equity pledge, and put forward targeted solutions.