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We will vigorously promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine in a creative way

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Xi general secretary at the national conference on propaganda and ideological work of the important speech caused from all walks of life, people in the field of Chinese medicine in speech communication and study spirit, strengthened on the basis of the cultural confidence of culture creative transformation of traditional Chinese medicine, the confidence and determination of innovative development, strengthen the unified thought, cohesion strength, carry forward the new wind upright, sense of responsibility and sense of mission. As the inheritor of national intangible cultural heritage (TCM life and disease cognition method), the author feels that it is a great responsibility, arduous task and glorious mission to carry forward TCM culture and build a healthy China.General secretary xi jinping has pointed out that TCM is the treasure of ancient Chinese science and the key to the treasure house of Chinese civilization. Contains a profound philosophy thought and culture of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge, and embodies the rich Chinese traditional culture essence, the formation and development of the theory, not only absorbed the advanced ideas of Chinese excellent traditional culture, and organically combines the understanding of people life and disease development law, effectively guarantee the perennial, multiplication and prosperity of the Chinese nation, to carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture played an important role.We will promote the spread of TCM cultureTraditional Chinese medicine is rooted in Chinese culture, which is an integral part of the excellent traditional Chinese culture. Chinese traditional culture is the basis for the emergence, formation and development of TCM theory, and deeply influenced by ancient Chinese philosophy. It is a life culture and a cognitive culture related to life and disease. The concept of traditional Chinese medicine is similar to zhouyi, focusing on the grasp of the human body's "image" and "tao", integrating the essence of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, absorbing the natural science achievements of the past dynasties, and forming a medical knowledge system integrating humanity, life and the law of disease prevention.TCM culture is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the process of development in the form of material and spiritual wealth combined, is understanding the life of the Chinese nation for thousands of years, health maintenance, prevention and treatment of diseases of thought and method system, is the combination of theory and practice of traditional Chinese medicine internal spirit and academic foundation, fully demonstrates the modern value of the Chinese excellent traditional culture and the meaning of the world. For example, traditional Chinese medicine believes that the human body is an organic whole, and "unity of man and nature" refers to the integration of nature and man, which are interrelated and influenced each other. "Unity of form and spirit" means that man is not a separate existence of the body, there are "god, soul, soul, will, will", including spirit, consciousness, thinking activities; "Zang-fu and regulating" refers to the coordination and balance of zang-fu organs, qi, blood, body fluid, channels and collaterals, and body orifes, which jointly maintain the life activities of the human body. Therefore, the concept of TCM diagnosis and treatment is not antagonistical treatment, but focuses on the balance between human and nature, body and spirit, and the balance between zang-fu organs, qi and blood meridians, and mobilizes the body's own disease resistance to prevent and treat diseases. For example, traditional Chinese medicine treatment of tumors is not simply anti-tumor, but to mobilize the human body's healthy qi -- disease resistance ability to inhibit the development of tumors, in order to achieve the survival with tumor, improve the quality of life. This is the key to the difference between traditional Chinese medicine culture and western medicine treatment philosophy.Traditional Chinese medicine culture runs through its theory and practice, such as the early intervention thought of "preventing diseases" in traditional Chinese medicine, the individualized people-oriented diagnosis and treatment model, as well as the overall regulation, nourishing the healthy and expelling the evil, treating its symptoms with urgency, and treating its origin with delay.Promoting the dissemination of TCM knowledge is a strategic choice to carry forward the excellent Chinese culture, serve the health of China, safeguard human health and promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.We will give full play to the role of TCM as a cultural carrierFor thousands of years, TCM has continuously absorbed the essence of Chinese culture, forming a systematic and integral medical knowledge system integrating humanities and life sciences. On the one hand, theory and practice still effectively guide people's health care, disease prevention and treatment; On the other hand, it contains rich traditional Chinese culture and embodies the humanistic and scientific wisdom of the Chinese nation in safeguarding health and resisting diseases.Its core content is mainly reflected in the following four points: first, traditional Chinese medicine is a valuable resource of excellent Chinese culture. TCM combines the excellent Chinese culture with the practice of health maintenance, sublimates the connotation of Chinese culture, and forms the distinctive characteristics of TCM culture. For example, the dynamic life view of growing strong and old, the balance view of Yin and Yang, as well as the overall regulation, nourishing the healthy and removing evil, dredging the channels and collaterals, etc.Secondly, traditional Chinese medicine is an important carrier of excellent Chinese traditional culture. For example, the moral health concept of "benevolence and longevity", the medical ethics concept of "benevolence and skill in medicine", and the professional pursuit of "sincerity in medicine" all reflect the connotation of the excellent Chinese culture and are spread and promoted in the practice of disease prevention and treatment.Third, traditional Chinese medicine is a window for dialogue between Chinese and western civilizations. Face introduces to the impact of Chinese culture and the situation of the national cultural confidence and loss of consciousness, traditional Chinese medicine by the inclusive mind, iwcm, combine traditional Chinese and western medicine way learn western scientific philosophy, enrich the theory and practice of its development, and towards the world, in the service of human health is gradually accepted by the people of the world.Finally, traditional Chinese medicine is an advantageous field in the innovation of traditional knowledge. The role of TCM in the treatment of chronic diseases, difficult diseases, tumors and emergent diseases proves that TCM is an advantageous field for the innovation of traditional knowledge. Some innovative drugs originated from traditional Chinese medicine, such as artemisinin for malaria, arsenic trioxide for leukemia and berberine for metabolic diseases.Explore the essence of Chinese medicine to serve human healthIn deepening reform, build a well-off society in an all-round way, the construction of health in the great practice of China, to improve the career development policy and mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine, promote knowledge protection, inheritance and utilization of traditional Chinese medicine, adhere to the main body of Chinese medicine development and collaborative innovation, enrich the development theory and practice of traditional Chinese medicine, increase the healing power to resist disease and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine health care service pattern, meet people's growing demand for maintenance of health and health care.We should use traditional methods and modern science and technology to explore the essence of the treasure house of traditional Chinese medicine, and give play to the leading role of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of diseases, the synergistic role in the treatment of major diseases, and the core role in the rehabilitation of diseases. At the same time, improve the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine awareness, build understanding, enjoy a good social atmosphere of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, guide the people to the technology and methods of prevention and management of application of traditional Chinese medicine cure, less to not get sick, sick, sick late and may not be the purpose of a serious illness, serious illness, make traditional Chinese medicine in the public health care and medical services play a bigger role.We will strengthen the development and utilization of TCM cultural resources, develop new types of cultural products, build TCM cultural brands, and promote the development of TCM cultural industries. We will strengthen the construction of bases for the popularization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) culture, and provide people with all-round and full-cycle health services in health care, disease prevention and treatment, disease rehabilitation, tourism and old-age care. We will promote the diversified, creative and innovative development of TCM culture.Should be based on national interests, human health in traditional Chinese medicine service "area" as an opportunity to traditional Chinese medicine comprehensive planning international development strategy, widen the sphere of Chinese medicine to the world and the way to show the safety of traditional Chinese medicine, effectiveness and scientific nature, particularity and its complementarity with western medicine, the traditional Chinese medicine in the service of human health and promote the widespread dissemination of the Chinese excellent culture, etc. At the same time, a number of high-level TCM clinical bases will be built in foreign countries in a planned way to build a platform for the sustainable transmission of Chinese excellent traditionalization. Make full use of modern information technology and network technology, with the help of new media, international conferences and so on, to promote the wide spread of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge and excellent Chinese culture. Strengthen the world intangible cultural heritage of traditional Chinese medicine and the world conservation and utilization of memory engineering, construction of national museum of Chinese medicine, promote the Chinese medical hidden compilation, strive to cultivate a group of clinical ability, scientific research level is high, the ability to communicate with foreign countries the talent team, for Chinese medicine to the world, to carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture lay a solid foundation.We should focus on the implementation of the key tasks and major measures in the outline of the strategic plan for the development of traditional Chinese medicine (2016-2030) and the outline of the healthy China 2030 plan, improve the guarantee mechanism and measures for the comprehensive development of traditional Chinese medicine culture by relying on the law on traditional Chinese medicine, and put into effect the spirit of traditional Chinese medicine as the key to the treasure house of Chinese civilization. With a sense of historical responsibility and mission, TCM will go global, carry forward the excellent Chinese culture, form cultural identity and consensus in the service of human health, and contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.