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As Chinese medicine enters the world stage, we must play the cultural card well

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Date: November 8, 2018 09:19The world health assembly (wha), the highest authority of the world health organization (who), will launch its 11th edition of the global medical program in 2019.The global medical compendium, also known as the international statistical classification of diseases and related health problems (ICD), has a strong global influence. The news has attracted a lot of attention.Traditional Chinese medicine is the treasure of Chinese civilization and the crystallization of more than 5,000 years of civilization. The introduction of the outline indicates that traditional Chinese medicine will gradually transform from complementary and alternative therapies into mainstream therapies on a global scale. If traditional Chinese medicine wants to shine on the world stage, it is necessary to adhere to the consciousness and confidence of traditional Chinese medicine culture.The blueprint for the revitalization and development of TCM has been rolled outSince ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine has never stopped the pace of foreign exchanges, and Chinese medicine has gone global. It has not only promoted the world's medical level, but also spread the excellent Chinese traditional culture and strengthened the friendship between China and the rest of the world.As early as around the 6th century, traditional Chinese medicine has been spread to Korea, Japan and other countries. Due to the rich cultural connotation and effective therapeutic effect of TCM, Japan and Korea began to send envoys to China to study TCM. With the deepening of exchanges, traditional Chinese medicine was gradually integrated into the native medicine of Korea and Japan.Around the 7th century, xuanzang and other scholars went to India for buddhist scriptures, which promoted cultural exchanges and medical exchanges between China and India.In the 10th century, traditional Chinese medicine was introduced to Europe through Arabia, and its works were published successively in Europe. For example, compendium of materia medica was successively translated into Latin, French, Italian, English and other languages, exerting a great influence on countries all over the world.At the beginning of the 15th century, zheng he, the famous navigator of the Ming dynasty, made seven voyages to the western seas, which initiated the unprecedented great maritime undertaking, promoted the development of the maritime undertaking of all countries in the world and China's maritime trade, and spread the Chinese culture and advanced technology. With the help of zheng he's seven voyages to the west, TCM has been spread in many western countries, and thus enjoys a broader development space.Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, especially since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China, the development of traditional Chinese medicine has been given greater priority and a series of major decisions and arrangements have been made. The state council has issued the outline of the strategic plan for the development of traditional Chinese medicine (2016-2030), which provides a systematic plan for promoting the development of traditional Chinese medicine in the new era.On January 18, 2017, xi jinping attended a ceremony in which China presented a bronze statue of an acupuncture figure to the world health organization. At the historic moment when China's top leader paid his first visit to the world health organization, he presented the bronze figure as a national gift with profound implications. This ceremony is full of great expectations for the revitalization and development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the new situation, its entry into the world, its openness and inclusiveness, and its better integration with modern medicine for the benefit of mankind.It is under the care of the CPC central committee with comrade xi jinping at the core that the cause of traditional Chinese medicine has ushered in a favorable time, place and opportunity. The blueprint for the revitalization and development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been laid out, and the precious legacy of TCM will be revitalized in the process of building a healthy China.TCM culture contributes' Chinese wisdom 'to world healthTCM is a treasure of ancient Chinese science and the key to the treasure house of Chinese civilization.As the original medical science of the Chinese nation, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) pay attention to the time evolution, the overall cognition, from the Angle of macroscopic, system reveals people's health and disease development law, deeply reflected the world outlook, the values of the Chinese nation and the epistemology, become people caring remove, an important means to strengthen body and prolong life. In history, the Chinese nation has been plagued by natural disasters, wars and plagues, yet time and time again it has been able to turn the crisis into safety. Traditional Chinese medicine has played an important role in the continuous increase of population and the inheritance of civilization.Facts have proved that the dynamic concept of life, the theory and practice of health maintenance, the early intervention thought of "preventing and curing diseases", the individualized people-oriented diagnosis and treatment model, the integrated treatment concept of overall regulation, and the colorful diagnosis and treatment methods in traditional Chinese medicine have definite and irreplaceable effects in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Its cognitive theory of human life, health and disease is unique, which effectively guides people's health care, disease prevention and treatment, and plays its due role in serving human health gradually recognized by people all over the world.Therefore, the development of TCM has provided a "Chinese model" for global health governance, contributed "Chinese wisdom" to the health of the world's people, and explored "Chinese experience" for the world to make good use of traditional medical resources.Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has become an important part of China's cultural and people-to-people exchanges with other countries and the exchanges and mutual learning between eastern and western civilizations. It has also become an important vehicle for China and other countries to jointly safeguard world peace, improve human well-being and build a community of Shared future for mankind.Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has spread to 183 countries and regions, according to a white paper published by the state council information office. China has signed 86 TCM cooperation agreements with foreign governments, regional authorities and international organizations. In addition, in order to expand the spread of culture and communication of Chinese medicine, in recent years, with the help of our government and overseas Confucius institutes, cultural exchange center of Chinese medicine and other platform set up multi-channel, multi-level, many forms of traditional Chinese medicine culture and international communication system, enrich the culture of traditional Chinese medicine overseas spread content, improve the international influence of the traditional Chinese culture.Traditional Chinese medicine has become a cooperative brand and beautiful name card to promote the communication between the people. The spread of traditional Chinese medicine culture will certainly promote the better development of world medicine.Traditional Chinese medicine culture is gradually recognized by the worldIn recent years, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has gradually shown its glory on the world stage, and its unique advantages have been recognized by more and more people around the world. As an important part of Chinese culture, TCM culture plays an irreplaceable role on the road to the world.Tu youyou, a researcher at the Chinese academy of traditional Chinese medicine, was awarded the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine on October 5, 2015. For a time, the world's attention on traditional Chinese medicine. Artemisinin is extracted from a large amount of plant resources provided by nature, making the idea of traditional Chinese medicine as a great treasure house recognized by the world.At the award ceremony, tu delivered a keynote speech titled "the discovery of artemisinin: a gift from traditional Chinese medicine to the world" in Chinese at the karolinska institute in Sweden.Tu youyou emphasized the value of traditional Chinese medicine in her speech. She quoted MAO zedong as saying that "Chinese medicine is a great treasure house, which should be explored and improved." Tu youyou said that artemisinin was extracted from this treasure trove. Through the research experience of artemisinin, an antimalarial drug, I deeply feel that both Chinese and western medicine have their own strengths, and the two are organically combined with each other and complement each other. Therefore, artemisinin has a greater potential for development and a good prospect for development. Finally, tu youyou quoted the tang dynasty poet wang zhihuan's "climb the stork house", which made Chinese culture deeply rooted in people's mind, and made traditional Chinese medicine recognized by the world as the carrier of excellent Chinese traditional culture.In recent years, TCM has been gradually recognized by the world with its unique advantages.Xu anlong, President of Beijing university of traditional Chinese medicine, said, "traditional Chinese medicine can solve health problems in a practical way.Zhang qicheng, dean of the school of Chinese medicine at Beijing university of traditional Chinese medicine, believes that "traditional Chinese medicine culture has unique advantages beyond ideology, in line with social trends and close to people's lives, and is easily accepted by other nationalities." The profound cultural deposits and good therapeutic effects of TCM have formed distinct cultural characteristics of TCM, which are being recognized by the world.At present, the blueprint for the revitalization and development of TCM has been laid out, and the practicality of TCM culture has contributed "Chinese wisdom" to the health of the world's people, which has been recognized by more and more people around the world. Therefore, with the opportunity of the outline, it is more important to accelerate the development of traditional Chinese medicine culture in the world, play the good card of traditional Chinese medicine culture, firm national self-confidence, brave climb the medical peak, explore the essence of the treasure house of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the integration of traditional Chinese medicine into the world mainstream medicine, benefit the world people's health.