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Rome declaration issued by the 15th world congress of traditional Chinese medicine

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Rome, Nov. 20 (xinhua The 15th world congress of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) concluded in Rome, Italy on Thursday. The conference released the Rome declaration, and established October 11 as the world day of traditional Chinese medicine.Sang binsheng, vice President and secretary-general of the world federation of Chinese medicine societies, said at the closing ceremony of the conference that the declaration calls on TCM practitioners around the world to have the courage to take responsibility, inherit, develop and make good use of TCM, and promote the development of TCM at a higher level in the world for the benefit of mankind.During the current world congress of traditional Chinese medicine, the 6th international contribution award ceremony of traditional Chinese medicine was held. Former Hungarian prime minister michy Peter and guo dean, a researcher at the Shanghai institute of materia medica of the Chinese academy of sciences, won the award.Mejesh Peter told xinhua that he learned the holistic concept from traditional Chinese medicine, the concept of health preservation, a quiet mind and an open and inclusive attitude from Chinese culture.According to the introduction, professor guo dean is committed to the research on the overall quality control and standard formulation of traditional Chinese medicine. He told reporters that the formulation of standards is an important basis for TCM to truly go global, and it needs to be made together with its international counterparts so as to be accepted and recognized by all, rather than being "self-evident". He believes that TCM needs more communication in the process of internationalization, so that foreigners can have some understanding of TCM concepts such as Yin and Yang, and at the same time make breakthroughs in technology and work out scientific and applicable standards.Nearly 1,000 delegates from more than 30 countries and regions attended the two-day conference. The conference included 218 papers and 208 academic reports. At the closing ceremony, the certificate of international TCM professional title and the certificate of international certified acupuncturist were presented.