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Secondary and secondary hospitals should cooperate with the aged care institutions

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More than two levels of Chinese medicine hospitals should cooperate with the old-age care institutions Recently, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Care Services". According to the "Opinions", by 2020, all Chinese medicine hospitals above the second level must cooperate with the old-age care institutions in different forms to provide medical care, health care facilities and technical support for the aged care services.
It is reported that the traditional Chinese medicine health care service refers to the use of traditional Chinese medicine (ethnic medicine) concepts, methods and technologies to provide elderly people with continuous maintenance of body and mind, disease prevention, physical fitness, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and health promotion of Chinese medicine health management services. medical service. The "Opinions" propose that by 2020, the traditional Chinese medicine health care service policy system, standard norms and management systems will be basically established, and the traditional Chinese medicine health care service system that is closely coordinated by medical institutions, Chinese medicine health care institutions, communities and home-based care is basically formed. Medical health care services basically cover urban and rural communities. More than 60% of the old-age care institutions can provide traditional Chinese medicine health care services for the elderly in different forms. The health management rate of Chinese medicine for the elderly over 65 years old reaches more than 65%. All the above-level Chinese medicine hospitals have carried out different forms of cooperation with the old-age care institutions, providing green channels for the elderly to provide convenient services such as registration and medical treatment, and providing technical support for institutions, communities and home-based care.
The "Opinions" require comprehensive clean-up and cancellation of unreasonable pre-approval matters, reduce operational approval restrictions, further relax market access, and incorporate TCM health care services into the overall planning of regional service industry development and medical care, in accordance with "non-prohibited The principle of “into the right”, all those who meet the requirements of social medical institutions and private capital to organize old-age care institutions, can organize Chinese medicine health care service providers according to law. We have implemented policies such as support for aged care services, health services, social medical treatment, and development of Chinese medicine, and encouraged various financial institutions to increase financing support for Chinese medicine health care service enterprises under the premise of risk control.