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The first world conference on traditional Chinese medicine services opened

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On November 28, the opening ceremony of the first world conference on trade in traditional Chinese medicine services and the "One Belt And One Road" summit of traditional Chinese medicine BBS was held in xi 'an qujiang international conference center. The theme of the meeting is "One Belt And One Road" to share with the world. Representatives of pharmaceutical enterprises, institutions and organizations from nearly 100 countries, Chinese medicine experts and scholars at home and abroad, representatives of practitioners and the news media and nearly 1,000 people attended the BBS.Wu zhendou, deputy director of the international cooperation department of the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, said the development of traditional Chinese medicine is entering a period of strategic opportunities. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is not only an important part of traditional Chinese medicine, but also the national industry and cultural industry of TCM. In recent years, the Chinese medicine law and several plans have been issued one after another. In particular, the national "One Belt And One Road" development plan for Chinese medicine (2016-2020) adopted by the national leading group for promoting the "One Belt And One Road" construction has become a guiding document for Chinese medicine to fully participate in the national construction of "One Belt And One Road" in the new era. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) trade in services has great potential. We need to continuously enhance the capacity of TCM trade in services, strengthen personnel training in TCM trade in services, and increase financial input to further improve the TCM trade in services system. We hope that all of you will meet the new development challenges brought about by the new environment and policies, seize the new opportunities for development, make breakthroughs in innovation and take an active part in it.Ruan hongxian, honorary President of China association of pharmaceutical materials and President of the world federation of traditional Chinese medicine service trade, said that China's promotion of the "One Belt And One Road" initiative is a major initiative put forward to promote mutual benefit and win-win results of countries along the belt and road and even countries around the world. China promote the construction of "area" strongly influence the wave of globalization, the world of traditional Chinese medicine can be integrated with the related industry will enter a new development, looking forward to more people with lofty ideals to join Chinese medicine industry "area" of construction, services of traditional Chinese medicine in the "area" all the way along the countries and regions and countries around the world people's health will write a new chapter!Dong zhilin, President of shenzhou university of traditional Chinese medicine, chairman of overseas Chinese traditional medicine BBS and co-executive chairman of the world federation of Chinese medicine service trade, pointed out that Chinese medicine is an integral part of Chinese traditional culture and an important treasure of the splendid culture of the Chinese nation. Nowadays, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is trusted and welcomed by more and more people all over the world. We should cherish this great situation and take the opportunity to jointly build "One Belt And One Road" so that all mankind can share its achievements. At the same time, traditional Chinese medicine is one of the few national industries in China that can go global. It has its own intellectual property rights, and can drive relevant trade, so the prospect of industrial development is immeasurable.Secretary-general of world federation of acupuncture and moxibustion societies MaYing pointed out that trade in services of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine to the world provides a new platform, a new carrier, has been listed as national free trade zone or an important content of trade talks, and the specific situation are introduced, with particular emphasis on the current our country relating to the content of traditional Chinese medicine have been concluded the fta 16. It is hoped that the congress will further enhance the national exchanges and cooperation in TCM, deepen the theoretical and practical research in TCM, promote the prosperity and development of TCM service trade, and make greater contributions to human health.The event was organized by the world federation of trade in traditional Chinese medicine services and China association of pharmaceutical materials. On the same day, "One Belt And One Road" traditional Chinese medicine industry alliance was launched at the opening ceremony.