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Policy interpretation of opinions on accelerating the high-quality development of pharmaceutical services

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What is the background of formulating the opinions?The report of the 19th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC) pointed out that it is necessary to implement the healthy China strategy, provide all-round and full-cycle health services and improve the drug supply guarantee system. Key tasks for the second half of 2018 issued by the general office of the state council clearly require the establishment of a high-quality and efficient medical and health service system, the implementation of a new round of action plan to improve medical services, and the promotion of the development of "Internet plus medical and health care". In order to adapt to the changes of major social contradictions in China and implement relevant requirements, the CPC central committee has issued the opinions on promoting high-quality development of medical services centering on people's health, requiring the extension of pharmaceutical services to grassroots medical and health institutions. As an important part of medical institutions' diagnosis and treatment activities, pharmaceutical services play an important role in ensuring patients' drug safety, promoting rational drug use and maintaining people's health. It is urgent to adapt to the new situation and accelerate high-quality development.In order to further clarify the development direction of pharmaceutical services in the new era and constantly meet the health needs of the people, the state health commission and the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine jointly issued the opinions on accelerating the high-quality development of pharmaceutical services.What are the main contents of the opinions?In view of the current problems, the opinions put forward 14 requirements from five aspects to promote the high-quality development of pharmaceutical services.One is to further enhance the awareness of the importance of pharmaceutical services. Emphasized the importance of pharmaceutical care and pharmacist team for health administrative departments at all levels (including the competent department of traditional Chinese medicine) and various types of medical institutions at various levels must attach great importance to pharmaceutical care, adapt to the new requirements of the new situation, speed up the pharmaceutical care mode transformation, strengthen pharmacists team construction, explore the building to meet the needs of the masses of the people's pharmacy service system.The second is to promote the construction of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and build a comprehensive pharmaceutical service system. All localities are required to consider pharmaceutical services as a whole and incorporate them into the overall work arrangement in the construction of medical consortium and promotion of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. Strengthen the connection of drug use among medical institutions within the medical union, and implement unified procurement and distribution based on basic drugs; Promote pharmaceutical services to the grassroots level, to achieve continuous and homogeneous medical care in vivo pharmaceutical services; To explore the long-term prescription management of chronic diseases.Third, accelerate the transformation of pharmaceutical services and provide high-quality pharmaceutical services. Change the mode of pharmaceutical service, further fulfill the responsibilities of pharmacists, improve the service capacity; Strengthening the construction of pharmaceutical departments, emphasizing that public hospitals should not contract or rent out pharmacies, nor should they entrust pharmacies to for-profit enterprises. Through a variety of powerful measures to promote rational clinical use.Fourth, strengthen the construction of pharmacists and fully mobilize their enthusiasm. Strengthen the training of pharmaceutical personnel, so that the number and ability of pharmaceutical personnel to meet the needs of pharmaceutical services; Thoroughly implement the clinical pharmacist system, further play the role of clinical pharmacist; We will improve various performance appraisal management mechanisms and motivate pharmacists to serve patients and clinical practice.Fifth, actively promote the healthy development of "Internet + pharmaceutical services". We will implement the document requirements of the general office of the state council on "Internet plus medical health", strengthen the standardized management of electronic prescriptions in accordance with relevant provisions on Internet diagnosis and treatment, and implement unified supervision online and offline. Exploring the provision of Internet and remote pharmaceutical services; To accelerate the connectivity of pharmaceutical service information; Explore and promote the "wisdom pharmacy" of the hospital.Iii. How to ensure the effective implementation of the opinions?To implement the opinions, it is necessary for health administrative departments at all levels and medical institutions at all levels to adopt a unified thinking and do a good job with a highly responsible attitude. The health administration departments will strengthen work guidance and supervision and inspection, continue to carry out pharmaceutical management and pharmaceutical training, and improve the level of services; For the medical institutions that do not perform their responsibilities of drug administration or violate relevant regulations, they should take measures such as circulating notices, criticizing, tracking and rectification to promote the implementation of the work. Medical institutions should also conscientiously organize and implement various tasks and requirements in accordance with the unified national deployment and the actual situation. At the same time, it also requires the active participation of medical personnel and health industry association, unity and cooperation, to jointly promote the development of pharmaceutical services.