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Jilin started the standardization construction project of Chinese medicine decocting room

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Recently, the Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued the “Implementation Plan for the Standardization Construction Project of Traditional Chinese Medicine Decoction Room in the City and State Hospital of Jilin Province”, and proposed the standardization of traditional Chinese medicine decocting room in 9 Chinese medicine hospitals such as Changchun Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Jilin City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. construction project.


The program pointed out that the municipal-level Chinese medicine (Chinese-Western medicine, ethnic medicine) hospitals organized by the government have better conditions for the development of Chinese medicine services, good operating mechanism, scientific management and excellent service quality, and an independent Chinese medicine decoction room. And the warehouse. At the same time, the municipal and state-level Chinese medicine (integrated Chinese and Western medicine, ethnic medicine) hospitals have a large amount of traditional Chinese medicine decoction services, and it is urgent to carry out standardization construction of traditional Chinese medicine decoction room. Each city and state selected one city-level Chinese medicine hospital for standardization construction. Each project unit subsidized 300,000 yuan, and the project construction was completed before the end of December of that year.


The program clarifies the content of the project. First, the improvement of the environment, in accordance with the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine "medical institutions Chinese medicine decocting room management norms" and "Jilin Province <medical institutions Chinese medicine decocting room management specifications> implementation rules", improve the decocting room environment, optimize the decocting process, Improve institutional measures and so on.


The second is the equipment configuration. Refer to the catalogue of the alternative varieties of Chinese medicine standardization decocting room equipment of the Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration. According to the actual needs of the construction of Chinese medicine decocting room, arrange the necessary equipment according to the principle of filling and filling, and reasonably formulate the procurement items, specifications and Quantity. The procurement plan will be reported to the Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine for review and record.


The third is personnel training. The project unit selects the professionals of Chinese medicine decocting room, the provincial Chinese medicine administration organizes training, exempts training fees, focuses on national pharmacy laws and regulations, Chinese medicine decocting agent principle, technology, operating procedures, quality testing Control, etc. for training, off-campus study, completion of assessment, after the assessment, the provincial-level training certificate will be issued.