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The first world conference on TCM science and technology was held

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On December 8, the first world conference on science and technology of traditional Chinese medicine and the award of international contribution to traditional Chinese medicine (science and technology progress award) was held in hangzhou, zhejiang province. The science and technology development committee and the real world research committee of the world federation of Chinese medicine societies were established at the same time.At the opening ceremony, yu wenming, director of the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, affirmed the significance of the world conference on TCM science and technology for the in-depth implementation of President xi jinping's "One Belt And One Road" initiative, strengthening international exchanges and cooperation in TCM, promoting mutual learning among civilizations, safeguarding human health and promoting the building of a community of Shared future for mankind. He pointed out that for thousands of years, TCM has been a medical science formed by the accumulation of innovations in the continuous absorption of contemporary science and technology and the practice of treating and preventing diseases. He emphasized that inheritance and innovation are the unified whole of the development of things. Without inheritance, there would be no root and soul for the development of traditional Chinese medicine, no innovation, and no strong vitality of The Times and unique value role for the development of traditional Chinese medicine. He stressed that standing at the historical starting point of the new era, we should continue to carry forward innovation and give full play to the due value of traditional Chinese medicine. To promote the academic development of traditional Chinese medicine; We will work for joint development and Shared benefits to serve the health of people around the world.World conference on China united chairman jian-zhong ma points out, follow the "healthy China" concept, to play the world zoomlion international resources advantage, to promote the overseas development of Chinese medicine, make China and the world in science and technology in the field of traditional Chinese medicine of strategic, professional and comprehensive results, international technology cooperation and exchange platform, promote scientific and technological achievements of traditional Chinese medicine to benefit the world.At the opening ceremony, the world zhonglian awarded the 2018 international contribution of traditional Chinese medicine (progress prize in science and technology), China academy of traditional Chinese medicine hospital gate 8, xiao Lin led the system reconfiguration and internationalization of TCM diagnosis and treatment of diabetes to promote, China resources of traditional Chinese medicine academy of sciences center led by guo lp Chinese herbal medicine ISO standard of heavy metals, China institute of traditional Chinese medicine academy of sciences, led by Chen sl appraisal system of the Chinese herbal medicine international general DNA barcode won the first prize three items.The world federation also awarded three international cooperation centers of TCM clinical research to the university of western Sydney, Australia, the university of leipzig, Germany and the university of mainz, Germany.Under the theme of "innovation and international cooperation in TCM science and technology in the new era", six sub-sessions will be held, including TCM research, TCM research, acupuncture research, real-world research, scientific and technological evaluation and achievement transformation, and TCM clinical research innovation platform. Zhang boli, Chen kaixian, wu yiling, shi xuemin and other experts made keynote reports.The conference was co-directed by the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine and zhejiang provincial health commission, co-sponsored by the world federation of Chinese medicine and the world federation of Chinese medicine. More than 500 experts and scholars from 26 countries and regions including China, Germany and Russia attended the conference. More than 60,000 people watched the opening ceremony and the live webcast of the keynote report online.