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Traditional Chinese medicine is the four value orientations of national strategy

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The revitalization and development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a grand undertaking to benefit the people and benefit mankind. From comrade MAO zedong's "Chinese medicine is a great treasure, should strive to explore, to improve", comrade to xi "Chinese medicine is the treasure of ancient Chinese science, also is the key to the treasure-house of Chinese civilization" and other series of important statements about development of Chinese medicine, the communist party of China is always contains the traditional Chinese medicine, faithful to inherit and carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture.In modern west, in the tide of modernization of traditional medicine in many countries abandoned and interrupt, only to the cause of China's traditional Chinese medicine under the strong leadership of the communist party of China and attaches great importance to and has maintained the stable and sustainable and healthy development, become the most complete, most influential, using traditional systems of medicine with the largest population, its contain numerous valuable treasure is to discover and coruscate gives new vitality.In December 2015, tu youyou was awarded the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for her discovery of artemisinin, which she said in her speech was a gift from traditional Chinese medicine to the world. The value of TCM has attracted worldwide attention. In fact, as a great invention of the Chinese nation, TCM is also a precious gift from China to the world.Comrade xi once in 2010 to attend the university of Australia's royal Melbourne institute of technology, the opening ceremony of the Confucius institute of Chinese medicine on such evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine, "traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) embodies the profound philosophical wisdom and the health preservation concept and practice of the Chinese nation for thousands of years of experience, is the treasure of ancient Chinese science, also is the key to the treasure-house of Chinese civilization. The in-depth study and scientific summary of TCM are of positive significance to enriching the world's medical undertakings and promoting life science research.Comrade xi this passage, although is not long, but prompt the pluralistic value of TCM, with its philosophy of "wisdom", has accumulated for thousands of years of "healthy" concept and practice, is the treasure of "science" in China, also is "the key to the treasure-house of Chinese civilization", and the future of the world medicine development and promote the "life science" research has important significance.In fact, the value of diversity is a distinct characteristic of Chinese medicine, also give in all areas of traditional Chinese medicine with deep potential resource advantage, as comrade MAO zedong did say "Chinese medicine is a great treasure", Chinese medical workers also when, as comrade xi jinping said "enhance the national self-confidence, bravely medical peak, in-depth excavation in the treasure house of Chinese medicine essence". General secretary of the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine study and implementation of the party group of jinping about the importance of developing traditional Chinese medicine, this paper based on the national economic and social development of the country, emphasizes the development of Chinese medicine to play to the advantages of good "five kinds of resources" and the function, namely the unique health resources, great potential for economic resources, has the original advantage of science and technology resources, excellent cultural resources and important ecological resources, interpretation is also play to the role of the pluralistic value of traditional Chinese medicine, highlighted in the national economic and social development of Chinese medicine in the "value chain" features of the global.Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a treasure house of Chinese original and world demand. At present, the international Chinese status rapidly rising domestic and advances the strategy of "four comprehensive" layout of the background, the use of multiple value, explore the "great treasure" of Chinese medicine, the development of traditional Chinese medicine as a national strategy, mainly from the focus on health, culture and economy three place, to deal with the present domestic development transformation, establish the important position in global governance and competition in China, cultivating China's cultural soft power, promote to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, has "four two dial one thousand jin" and "activate" global significance.The development of traditional Chinese medicine as a national strategy can have at least four value orientations.Health value orientationPromote the construction of a healthy China -- give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, make up for the shortcomings of western medicine, and build a perfect medical model of integrated development of Chinese and western medicine, so that Chinese people can enjoy the best diagnosis and treatment services in the world.Core ideas, accompanied by western industrial civilization to the modernization development of characteristics of medicine, the current face many development bottlenecks, has been put forward by the past simple biomedical model to biological, psychological, social, environmental comprehensive model changes, but the effect is not very desirable, and with its complementary advantages with western medicine of traditional Chinese medicine characteristics, just to break through the bottleneck of western medicine. The complementary model of traditional Chinese and western medicine is becoming the best model in the field of human life and health, in which traditional Chinese medicine will make a revolutionary contribution to human health, and China should assume its mission and responsibility in this field.With the deepening of the new round of medical reform in recent years, the problem of "difficult and expensive access to medical services" has been greatly alleviated. The goal of "everyone having access to basic medical and health services" has been preliminarily achieved, and people's health has been preliminarily guaranteed. However, in the current medical and health system mainly based on western medicine, the limitations of western medicine are increasingly obvious. Excessive reliance on medical equipment leads to unfairness in urban and rural health; High costs and a heavy medical burden on countries and individuals due to the instrumental nature of dependence on constantly updated medicines and equipment; Its reductionism features, more attention to the treatment of the disease, prevention methods are limited, health is not to mention.Western medicine has long recognized its own limitations and proposed the transformation from a single biomedical model to a biological-psychological-social-environmental integrated model, and from the center of disease treatment to the center of health promotion. These disadvantages are exactly the advantages of TCM. The combination of TCM and western medicine will make the construction of a healthy China more complete and more effective, and provide the world with a valuable model of basic medical and health system with Chinese characteristics.For example, for some major infectious diseases (such as SARS and AIDS) that western medicine can do nothing about, TCM's syndrome differentiation and treatment characteristics can often quickly find effective solutions. As for the excessive dependence of western medicine on medical equipment, the flexibility and convenience of TCM can better solve the medical problems of grassroots people. For the high cost of western medicine diagnosis and treatment, the relatively low cost of traditional Chinese medicine can effectively save health resources and significantly reduce the medical cost. For the lack of prevention and health care in western medicine, the treatment of diseases has unique advantages, which is one of the most important areas to build a healthy China and cope with the coming of an aging society.The choice of medical and health system is often based on different national conditions, stages of development, history and culture, but there is one challenge that is the same, that is, all countries are facing the pressure of aging population and rapid growth of medical costs. With the rapid aging of China's population, total health expenditure and per capita total expenditure have entered a rapid growth channel.China is still in the primary stage of socialism and will remain so for a long time. To ensure the health of 1.3 billion people at a lower cost, we must both "move forward" and adhere to the precautionary principle, and effectively control costs in the course of disease diagnosis and treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), with its characteristics of "focus on preventing diseases" and "simplicity, convenience, experience and inexpensiveness", can play a greater role in deepening medical reform. As for the outpatient department or hall clinic of traditional Chinese medicine, the features of simplicity, convenience and experience are more prominent.Comrade xi jinping proposed to "promote the complementary and coordinated development of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine" and "promote the better integration of traditional medicine and modern medicine with an open and inclusive mind. Such developments mean the best possible treatment for patients today. For western medicine, it will be a revolutionary leap in the realm of development; For TCM, it is another self-improvement of the millennium sustainable development and advancing with The Times, and demonstrates its advanced nature in the contemporary era.Cultural value orientationPromote the rejuvenation of Chinese culture -- give play to the unique cultural value of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the lifestyle of traditional Chinese medicine, awaken the sleeping Chinese cultural genes of the Chinese people, and maintain national cultural security.Core ideas: traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) "embodies the profound philosophical wisdom", carrying the gene of the Chinese culture, with the blood of the Chinese culture, embodies the essential characteristics of the Chinese culture, the philosophy and theoretical level and the homogeneity of the Chinese culture, making it a unique and excellent cultural resources in our country, to become "the key to the treasure-house of Chinese civilization". And because it has the practical protection of life and health, it is more convenient to carry forward the excellent traditional culture into the brain and the heart and then carry forward.Comrade xi jinping pointed out that "the excellent traditional Chinese culture is the prominent advantage of the Chinese nation. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation requires the development and prosperity of the Chinese culture, and we must vigorously carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture." As a typical carrier of excellent Chinese traditional culture, TCM can play an important role.Every country in the world has its own traditional medicine, but after the great wave of history, so far the most vitality may only be Chinese medicine. There is no other reason, because of the cultural attribute of traditional Chinese medicine. In the process of development of Chinese medicine, and other domestic discipline, provides a step by step, such as tao, qi, Yin and Yang, five elements, such as Chinese philosophy thought, gradually produce such as blood gas camp, eight principles, five six, etc of zang-fu organs and meridians syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) a complete set of theory system, make the bid farewell to the original experience of traditional Chinese medicine medical and WuZhu medicine, in the practice of the thousands of years to become the world within the scope of its system, the unique life medicine with Chinese characteristics.Because of this attribute, to understand Chinese medicine, we must understand the traditional Chinese culture. In this sense, to promote and develop TCM is to carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture.But at present, under the global wave of western modernity, western culture and values in our country, they control the international voice, with universal values as banner output value in the west, in the film and television works and the information network as the carrier to promote the western way of life, the formation of the western cultural hegemony, make traditional Chinese culture is in the shadow of inferiority and an apology, many Chinese Chinese culture gene was suppressed, while western value instead become the standard of evaluation in various fields is good or bad, culture and ideology in our country's security is a serious challenge.Implement good comrade xi proposed, therefore, vigorously carry forward the Chinese excellent traditional culture, the implementation of my, the state issued by the inheritance and development projects on the implementation of Chinese excellent traditional culture of opinions ", in the most can influence people's values under the condition of national education system is difficult to change quickly, select several powerful gripper, build up carry forward the excellent traditional culture atmosphere, is the right thing to do, also is the top priority. Developing traditional Chinese medicine and popularizing it to the whole society is just such a starting point.With such a good grasp, first of all, we must vigorously promote the return of traditional Chinese medicine to the People's Daily life. We will promote the popularization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) culture, introduce TCM culture into the campus, travel to China with TCM and other traditional Chinese medicine activities, and promote and develop the life habit of keeping fit with solar terms such as summer tip-three fu tie and winter cream recipe, so as to improve the public's TCM health literacy and make TCM a healthy lifestyle of the Chinese people. Effective development of culture of Chinese medicine science, traditional Chinese medicine's way of life, and will play well external Chinese medicine health preservation concept in line, internal value of Chinese culture in mind, the effect of driving awaken people powerful leader of the Chinese cultural genes, so on the function of the Chinese cultural Renaissance of traditional Chinese medicine should not be underestimated, and put forward the implementation of jinping comrades "realize creative conversion of traditional Chinese medicine health preservation culture, innovative development", the culture of Chinese medicine science should be considered to promote the strategic measures of the Chinese cultural Renaissance.In this way, it not only meets the growing health needs of the people, but also achieves the social effect of carrying forward excellent traditional culture and strengthening cultural self-confidence. Meanwhile, it also plays the role of protecting the national mainstream cultural value from the interference of internal and external forces, thus effectively maintaining the cultural and ideological security of our country.Economic value orientationPromote the transformation of the economic development pattern -- give full play to the advantages of the "whole industry chain" of TCM, create a TCM industry with huge potential, and achieve the overall effect of "TCM +".Core ideas: traditional Chinese medicine has formed "the whole industry chain" through the 123 industry characteristics, from the Chinese herbal medicine planting as the core of agriculture, with traditional Chinese medicine industry as the core industry to the medical health care as the core of service industry, any one link in the whole chain, superimposed onto area is likely to be activated, the original structure to produce new formats, generate incremental multiplier effect, at the same time with poverty and improve ecological effect such as society, to a certain extent, have to activate the economy fully promote the development of the role of change of the pattern, charge "four two dial one thousand jins" traction global effect.During his visit to the guangdong-macao cooperation traditional Chinese medicine science and technology industrial park in hengqin new area, zhuhai, guangdong province, in October 2018, comrade xi jinping pointed out that "traditional Chinese medicine is the treasure of Chinese civilization. We should explore the essence of the treasure house of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the integration of industry, education and research, and promote the industrialization and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine".Indeed, from an economic perspective, TCM offers China a strategic opportunity to transform its domestic economic development model and lead the global health industry. Since the industrial revolution, countries around the world have gradually entered the western-led modernization process, and when people's material life is greatly enriched, people's health problems become prominent, giving birth to the health industry with huge global demand.However, the predicament of the development of modern medicine offers opportunities for the development of traditional Chinese medicine which can make up for the deficiency of western medicine. The best medicine is the complementary medicine of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, and the most perfect health care system is the guarantee system of the integration of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. Therefore, although the current development of traditional Chinese medicine is insufficient, it is destined to be the huge growth point of future health industry in traditional Chinese medicine instead of western medicine.Over such a huge potential health industry, from agriculture and forestry, Chinese herbal medicine planting, processing, to industrial production of traditional Chinese medicines, to services of traditional Chinese medicine circulation, tourism, medical care, Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health, pension, education and training of Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine service trade, etc., formed through one, two, three industry of "the whole industrial chain.Is original state of traditional Chinese medicine in our country, can foresee in innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine at the same time, the integration with western medicine, with the pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, health industry, health equipment, health YangLaoYe, tourism, service establishments, etc., will become a new growth of domestic economic development potential is huge cluster, power optimization of economic structure and change of the pattern of economic development.At present, China's development is faced with the choice of a new development path of post-industrialization. By giving full play to the value and role of the "whole industry chain" of traditional Chinese medicine, breakthroughs can be made in coping with the difficulties in industrial development, upgrading the service industry and creating a new industrial system based on renewable resources.Of course, the release of the huge potential of TCM health industry is inseparable from the scientific and technological innovation of TCM. Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the most original innovation of science and technology resources in our country, the ancient traditional Chinese medicine and biology, physics, chemistry, life science, materials science, information science, such as combination of modern science and technology, innovation can develop a group of technology and equipment of traditional Chinese medicine, medicine and health products, each is likely to create a huge amount of market demand and economic growth space, and form the global impact.The development of traditional Chinese medicine is also a good way to solve some local poverty and ecological problems. How to get rid of poverty and control ecology are the two major shortcomings of the 13th five-year plan, and vigorously developing the cultivation of traditional Chinese medicine can achieve the effect of killing two birds with one stone. The origin of traditional Chinese medicine is inseparable from the green water and green mountains. An increasing number of localities, especially the underdeveloped central and western regions, are taking the opportunity of strengthening the protection and rational utilization of traditional Chinese medicine resources to promote the standardization, scale and intensive cultivation of traditional Chinese medicine, which not only drives the development of local green economy and helps farmers get rid of poverty and become rich, but also promotes the restoration of the ecological environment.In the process of implementing the new development concept and building a modernized economic system in the new era, TCM has become vigorous and vigorous, which has effectively promoted the supply side knot