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To achieve a real sense of both Chinese and western medicine

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At present, westernization exists in most traditional Chinese medicine hospitals. The main root cause of this phenomenon is that most TCM hospitals charge low fees and have few TCM diagnosis and treatment projects, and only a few of them are covered by medical insurance. In the national pharmacopoeia and other regulatory documents, there are still some problems such as incomplete medicinal materials and few supplementary varieties each year.Not only that, according to the western standards of traditional Chinese medicine pieces of the way to test and supervision is also worth discussing. At present, according to the standards of western medicine, it is common to detect the content of active ingredients in some Chinese herbal slices prepared for decoction, completely turning a blind eye to the basic principle of Chinese medicine, "nature, taste and channels". What needs to emphasize is, according to "national pharmacopoeia" standard, individual breed finds qualified product not easily, because this kind detects the idea that does not accord with traditional Chinese medicine and thinking, and, the contrast that detects use is tasted some price is too tall, bring about detect cost too tall. For example, the detection of prehu a, prehu b, lotus seed core detection of neferine, chicken gold detection thickness, but chicken gold thickness does not affect the quality, etc.. Additional, at present Chinese traditional medicine doctor must be in strict accordance with "national pharmacopoeia" the regulation such as the document leaves prescription, if some medicinal materials are in "national pharmacopoeia" in regulation, 20 grams ~ 30 grams belong to lawful limits, exceeded belonged to break the law. Although the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine has made binding regulations on the use of drugs in excess of the national pharmacopoeia, the authorities often do not approve. In fact, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and the practice experience of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, the prescribed amount of some kinds of medicinal materials in the current "national pharmacopoeia" is relatively small, which is not conducive to achieve the effect of medicine, so that traditional Chinese medicine "varies from person to person according to the time and place" personalized diagnosis and treatment can not be implemented.The author thinks, real Chinese and western medicine is equal weight, should do good to hospital of traditional Chinese medicine above all top-level design. In practice, we should design from the two aspects of policy promotion and economic promotion. The number of TCM diagnosis and treatment projects in TCM hospitals should be increased, and the type of payment and reimbursement ratio of TCM by medical insurance should be improved. Because both TCM and western medicine, both are largely in medical experience, experience in the diagnosis and treatment is to have a great effect in the process, if driven by economic level, make the doctor willing to adopt the traditional Chinese medicine treatment, and can ensure the doctor personal income and traditional collective income has increased, and the western medicine is near Seattle grace mercy west hospital level, so believe in a few years time, can achieve the true sense of the equal emphasis on Chinese and western medicine.Secondly, the state pharmacopoeia and other relevant documents should be revised in accordance with the development of traditional Chinese medicine and the theory and thinking of traditional Chinese medicine. "National pharmacopoeia" should promptly increase the collection of Chinese herbal medicine varieties, to provide Chinese medicine doctors with a rich selection of Chinese herbal medicine. It is suggested to supplement a large number of Chinese herbal decoction pieces from the catalog of Chinese herbal decoction pieces in each province every year. For the specific medicinal materials in each province and city, they should be directly recorded in the catalog of national pharmacopoeia. If there is no standard in the national pharmacopoeia, the national standard can be based on the standard of traditional Chinese medicine theory. We will strive for the inclusion of all traditional Chinese medicine varieties in the national pharmacopoeia to form a unified standard.Thirdly, according to the theory and thinking of traditional Chinese medicine, the relevant documents such as the national pharmacopoeia should be revised to optimize the detection standard, and the existing effective component content detection should be changed into the detection of pesticide residues, heavy metals and aflatoxin in traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces. The tests should be carried out according to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine to make the tests truly reflect the quality of medicinal materials. Meanwhile, the testing items should be optimized to reduce the testing cost.In addition, traditional Chinese medicine doctors should be allowed to determine the guidance and usage of traditional Chinese medicine according to the theories of traditional Chinese medicine, especially the evidences in the classical historical records of traditional Chinese medicine, and the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine should be authorized to adopt the so-called "overdose", and the prescribing doctor should be responsible for the signature separately and bear the corresponding legal responsibility. The author believes that the above measures can expand the range of TCM doctors' choice, ensure that TCM doctors have more TCM pieces to use, enrich the means of diagnosis and treatment, and improve the treatment effect, which is also an important guarantee for the realization of equal emphasis on TCM and western medicine in a real sense.