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Jilin traditional Chinese medicine association pulse professional committee was established

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Recently, the inaugural meeting of the pulse science committee of jilin Chinese medicine association and the first jilin pulse science academic seminar were held in changchun. Chen rui, professor of changchun university of traditional Chinese medicine, was elected as the chairman of the committee of pulse medicine.Pulse is a unique diagnostic method in traditional Chinese medicine. It is of great significance to inherit traditional techniques of pulse to give full play to the theoretical and technical advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, further improve the clinical diagnosis and treatment effect, and promote the construction of "healthy China" and "healthy jilin".Song bolin, President of jilin province traditional Chinese medicine association and President of changchun university of traditional Chinese medicine, said that after the establishment of the committee, it is necessary to strengthen the platform construction of pulse research on the one hand, and constantly expand the team of experts in pulse research on the other hand.The professional committee of TCM pulse science will build four high-end platforms around TCM pulse science research, training, service and communication, and do a good job in TCM pulse science school research, TCM pulse science cultural inheritance and TCM pulse science external communication. The institute will hold regular training classes for senior teachers of pulsations, popularization classes for basic pulsations and improvement classes for techniques of pulsations to popularize basic knowledge, basic techniques and clinical application of pulsations and improve the level of pulsations of medical workers and TCM enthusiasts in jilin province.In the seminar, xiao yun, vice-president of the pulse condition research committee of the world federation of Chinese medicine societies and chang jiqing, inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of manchu traditional medicine in changbai mountain, presented the shou's pulse method and the manchu intangible cultural heritage project of "feeling the bone and feeling the pulse".The conference was sponsored by jilin Chinese medicine association, and undertaken by the pulse science committee of jilin Chinese medicine association and changchun university of Chinese medicine.