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There is a timetable for the issuance of supporting documents for the Chinese Medicine Law

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On March 27th, the 2017 National Conference on Chinese Medicine Medical Work was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Wang Guoqiang, deputy director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that this year is an important year to promote the full implementation of the Chinese Medicine Law. It is necessary to study and formulate supporting documents and announce the preliminary route for the publication of relevant documents. Chart, timetable.


Wang Guoqiang pointed out that the "Chinese Medicine Law" promulgated in December last year will be officially implemented on July 1 this year. Seriously studying and implementing the "Chinese Medicine Law" is the current top priority in the Chinese medicine industry. We must earnestly do a good job in the propaganda and implementation of the law, so as to promote the perseverance, endurance and tenacity of this law to grasp the implementation of the law. It is necessary to fully understand the important position of the "Traditional Chinese Medicine Law" as the "mother law" of Chinese medicine work, and take this as the foundation to innovate the management system and mode of TCM medical administration.


Wang Guoqiang revealed that the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine is currently studying and formulating supporting documents. Before July 1st, the Chinese medicine clinic will be issued for record management and Chinese medicine practitioners will have a specialization method for the examination and management of doctors. Before the end of the year, the Chinese medicine health care service standard will be introduced. At the same time, it is necessary to cooperate with the introduction of the management methods for the preparation of Chinese medicine preparations for medical institutions and the preparation of Chinese medicine preparations for medical


He requested that all localities actively cooperate with the implementation of the drafting of supporting documents and the implementation of supporting documents to ensure that the provisions of the Chinese Medicine Law are fully implemented on time, without delay or discount. To fully understand the important role of the "Traditional Chinese Medicine Law", in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Chinese Medicine Law", sort out the provisions of other laws and regulations, including local laws and regulations, and actively communicate with the relevant parties, in relevant laws. The revision or improvement of the regulations can better reflect the contents of the Chinese Medicine Law, reflect the characteristics of Chinese medicine, and make other laws and regulations better linked to the Chinese Medicine Law.