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People's Daily: don't deviate from traditional Chinese medicine

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Moxibustion can dredging channels and collaterals, red bean coix seed soup can go to the moisture, medlar can tonify the kidney, flower tea can nourish the face... As a kind of culture, TCM has irreplaceable influence in Chinese people's mind. Nowadays, the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine is more and more deeply into People's Daily life and health care, and has become the healthy life choice of many people.At present, traditional Chinese medicine is facing a great opportunity for development. With the implementation of China's health strategy and the promotion of the concept of curing diseases, the traditional Chinese medicine health care industry is booming and gaining popularity among the public.However, at present, in the society, the traditional Chinese medicine health care services are often mixed, the service ability is uneven, and the product publicity is not scientific, standardized or legal. On the Internet, life is full of all kinds of "traditional Chinese medicine health" skills. They often cite scripture, claim "ancestral secret recipe", or show one's own experience says, look for "ill friend" tell about sound and emotional, make a person indistinguishable, this brought harm to public health, also affected the healthy development of traditional Chinese medicine career.How to scientifically publicize the concept of traditional Chinese medicine health, complete and accurate to the public the correct information of traditional Chinese medicine health, in the current situation is more urgent. I once heard a "health" formula -- 30 grams of wolfberry, 30 grams of chrysanthemum, 20 grams of mulberries and 10 grams of longan pork in a health account of shuaoyin. When I carefully followed the instructions of the recipe, which did not specify how to drink it, I did not react until I had finished soaking it. What kind of population is suitable for drinking? How often do you drink it? It's not specified. If drink the medlar water of this half teapot everyday really, do not get angry just blame?Traditional Chinese medicine is the precious treasure of the Chinese nation and the treasure of Chinese culture. Good Chinese medicine, good medicine determines the curative effect of Chinese medicine. The medicine is accurate, the prescription is right, the effect is not effective, directly related to the Chinese medicine this gold signboard. If there is no experienced traditional Chinese medicine, there is no prescription for the disease, only by a set of so-called "health concept" on arbitrary treatment, often difficult to achieve results. However in reality, "all corners of the country traditional Chinese medicine" is quite a few, did not pass systematic training to dare treat a disease to open a prescription, with zhang sanli 4 learned knowledge of a bit of traditional Chinese medicine to claim "ancestral", a lot of organizations are carrying the banner of traditional Chinese medicine secretly doing illegal medical activities...China's medical classics are extensive and profound, so it is necessary to explore, sort out and make use of them systematically, protect the essence of traditional Chinese medicine in the hands of traditional Chinese medicine masters, old traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and old pharmaceutical workers, and resolutely combat charlatans who drive without a license.The charm of traditional Chinese medicine lies in the word of mouth of the people. We need to strengthen the publicity and supervision of traditional Chinese medicine, standardize the health care services of traditional Chinese medicine, and make it more acceptable and safe for the people to use traditional Chinese medicine. At the beginning of this year, 13 departments made joint arrangements to rectify the chaos in the health care market and strictly investigate illegal diagnosis and treatment in the name of TCM preventive health care and practicing medicine without a license, which will provide a strong guarantee for creating a good market environment.Of course, the industry environment to be thoroughly purified, but also inseparable from the correct perception of consumers. We should know that the beauty of TCM lies in its absence of standards and absoluteness, its emphasis on wholeness and systematicness, its stress on syndrome differentiation and treatment, and its adherence to nature. Chinese medicine can naturally keep healthy, but do not abuse Chinese medicine.