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Six places to pilot "Internet + care services"

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On February 12, the national health and human services commission issued a notice on the pilot program of "Internet + nursing services". According to the circular, from February to December this year, "Internet + nursing services" will be piloted in Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang and guangdong provinces. Pilot areas should organize and formulate their own "Internet + nursing service" projects, and explore the establishment of a price and related payment guarantee mechanism.The plan puts forward principle requirements for 9 pilot projects of "Internet + nursing service", including the main provider, service objects, service items, service behaviors, service management, third-party information technology platform, relevant responsibilities, risk prevention and control, and support mechanism.According to the plan, registered nurses dispatched by pilot medical institutions should have at least 5 years of clinical nursing experience and the technical title of nursing teacher or above. Focus on the elderly or incapacitated elderly, convalescent patients and end-stage patients and other people with mobility difficulties, to provide chronic disease management, rehabilitation care, special care, health education, hospice care and other aspects of nursing services. The pilot area should organize and formulate the local "Internet + nursing service" project. In principle, the service project should be based on the technology with high demand, low medical risk and easy operation and implementation.The plan stresses that pilot medical institutions should conduct initial diagnosis and evaluation of applicants before providing services, and they can develop their own Internet information technology platforms or establish cooperation mechanisms with qualified third-party information technology platforms. It can purchase/share personal identity information of the public security system for verification, provide mobile phone App positioning and tracking system for nurses, configure the nursing work recorder and one-button alarm device, and purchase liability insurance, medical accident insurance and personal accident insurance.According to statistics, by the end of 2017, there were 150 million elderly people with chronic diseases in China, and the demand for door-to-door care services surged. Some regions have seen the emergence of "network-contracted nurses", mostly driven by social forces, said the head of the relevant departments of the national health commission. The pilot work of "Internet + nursing service" organized by the state can accelerate the improvement of relevant policies and gradually meet the diversified and multi-level health needs of the masses.