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Zhang boli: TCM original thinking + modern technology = original achievements

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Zhang boli, an academician of the Chinese academy of engineering, President of tianjin university of traditional Chinese medicine and honorary President of the Chinese academy of traditional Chinese medicine, said in an interview with economic information daily that traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is an indispensable and important force in the building of a healthy China. He pointed out that the results of the high-level evidence-based evaluation of TCM clinical practice and the quality of TCM are the weaknesses and technical bottlenecks of the industry, as well as the important starting point of TCM inheritance and innovation in the future."The orderly combination of traditional Chinese medicine thinking and western medicine technology is the direction of future medicine. Original Chinese medicine thinking and modern science and technology can produce original results. When talking about the research ideas on major diseases in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, zhang cited tu's discovery of artemisinin as an example. After tu youyou won the Nobel Prize in medicine, zhang boli, then President of the Chinese academy of traditional Chinese medicine, solicited 300,000 Suggestions, from which he summarized an important lesson that the original thinking and experience of traditional Chinese medicine must be combined with modern science and technology to produce original results.According to zhang, tu's work is more than a one-page article. It is about transforming traditional Chinese medicine into powerful antimalarial drugs, saving millions of lives around the world, especially in developing countries. "In a word, this is the idea of TCM plus the technology of western medicine, and medicine is natural science plus humanities.""With all the grassroots leaves, together with the essence of heaven and earth, anti-suffering, natural gifts. Four qi and five flavors, seven emotions and harmony, synergistic and detoxifying compound male. This is the poem written by zhang boli when he led a delegation to Stockholm to receive the award. He Shared that when accompanying tu youyou to receive the award, a Nobel Prize judge once said that he hoped that Chinese scientists would not be affected by the award to study individual, "your compound is more valuable, do not discard".To this, zhang boli very regrets: "thousands of miles away from the bosom friend. There are as many as 100,000 prescriptions in China, and compound treatment has always been the advantage of traditional Chinese medicine. In Sweden, also someone knows the importance of compound!"In zhang boli's view, the development of traditional Chinese medicine is facing opportunities and challenges. He used the phrase "right place, right time and right people" to describe the historical opportunity of TCM development. According to zhang boli, at present, TCM has been highly valued by the CPC central committee, the state council and other departments at all levels. The TCM administration bureau has taken the overall macroscopic grasp, median-level coordination and micro-level operation of TCM, and mobilized all forces to serve TCM, thus forming a huge synergy and creating a good development trend.In addition, the "One Belt And One Road" initiative has also promoted the internationalization of TCM. According to zhang boli, the international TCM service "One Belt And One Road" has been spread to 183 countries and regions, and 86 TCM cooperation agreements have been signed between Chinese and foreign governments. Each year, about 13,000 overseas students come to China to study TCM, and 200,000 overseas patients come to China to receive TCM services.As for the "neck cramp" phenomenon in the modernization process of traditional Chinese medicine, zhang boli believes that, firstly, there is a lack of evidence-based evidence in clinical practice, so it is often marginalized and regarded as an adjuvant therapy. Secondly, there are many quality problems of traditional Chinese medicine. He thinks, should seize these two points to undertake breaking through."The clinical efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine has a history of several thousand years, which is very valuable. In terms of clinical evidence, zhang boli pointed out that foreign experts had some doubts about the treatment of coronary heart disease with traditional Chinese medicines such as astragalus and radix astragali. However, after we provided a review containing more than ten evidence-based evaluations, many foreign institutions changed their original views. The American society of cardiology (JACC), for example, has given a new assessment, and institutions such as Hopkins have proposed joint studies.Speaking of the quality of traditional Chinese medicine, zhang boli said that the quality of traditional Chinese medicine to grasp the source. "How to grow good drugs is a new revolution. Planting medicinal plants is different from planting common crops. "" now, it is not a common phenomenon for farmers to grow drugs, and how to effectively strengthen guidance is the key." " In this regard, he suggested that we should vigorously promote the construction of Chinese herbal medicine GAP base, emphasizing large-scale cultivation and standardized cultivation."We will combine original thinking of traditional Chinese medicine with modern science and technology to produce original results, explore new research fields, and lead the world in the development of life sciences. 'China solution' will make its own unique contribution to solving the world's difficult medical reform problems." "Said chamberlain.