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Changchun university of traditional Chinese medicine affiliated hospital to build a smart hospital

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Recently, the affiliated hospital of changchun university of traditional Chinese medicine held a meeting on the mobilization and deployment of information construction to build a smart hospital.According to cong deyu, President of the affiliated hospital of changchun university of traditional Chinese medicine, the hospital will further improve the working mechanism, optimize the management process, promote the construction of hospital informatization in a normal, orderly and safe manner, and lay a solid foundation for promoting the construction of medical consortium and implementing hierarchical diagnosis and treatment.In recent years, the affiliated hospital of changchun university of traditional Chinese medicine has been promoting the informatization construction. The family doctor APP business has been officially launched, and citizens can sign up for the service of family doctors online. At the same time, a series of medical demands have been realized, such as appointment registration, online payment, inquiry of test report, check of detailed list of hospitalization expenses, and understanding of all kinds of hospital information. The hospital self-service line realizes WeChat, alipay scanning code payment and other payment forms, effectively reducing the waiting time of the outpatient registration line.2018, hospital increase investment, and the updated optimization and partial information system, and completed the foundation of hospital information system, clinical system, integration platform and medical examination and other business system upgrade, build information systems to support, the business process oriented, big data analysis as the core of modern hospital management system, to Chinese medicine yinpian, prescription, and one of the whole process management; To achieve comprehensive and fine hospital, the entire process of information management and control coverage; To build an electronic medical record system with Chinese medicine characteristics.At present, the hospital has formed an innovative quality control mode of medical quality and safety management and control. By improving the hospital's fine management ability, the intelligent logistics management and integrated security risk management and control are realized, which effectively improves the hospital's emergency response ability and improves the diagnosis and treatment system.