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We will encourage community-level medical and health institutions to provide TCM specific services

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18 a few days ago, the national development and reform commission and other departments jointly issued by the "intensify efforts to promote social field public service for short weak item quality promote the formation of strong domestic market of action plan, deployment to promote compulsory education, promote the balanced development of poor areas county health service ability and so on 27 action task, which explicitly to promote grassroots health institutions provide TCM features, give full play to the simple test inexpensive advantages of Chinese medicine.Traditional Chinese medicine was mentioned in the three tasks of building a service system for women's and children's health, accelerating the development of social medical services, and promoting various types of tourism. The plan proposes to encourage qualified maternal and child health care institutions to expand and strengthen the functions of obstetrics, pediatrics, traditional Chinese medicine and other services; We will support social efforts to develop specialized medical and other subdivided services, and accelerate the establishment of a number of competitive brand service organizations in the fields of ophthalmology, orthopedics, stomatology, obstetrics, pediatrics, and oncology, as well as in the fields of traditional Chinese medicine, rehabilitation, nursing, and physical examination. We will promote TCM health tourism and build a number of TCM health tourism demonstration zones and bases.The plan also calls for fully liberalizing the pension service market. We will promote the development of private pension service institutions, cancel the establishment of pension service institutions, support domestic and foreign capital investment in setting up pension service institutions, and implement the same preferential policies. We will deepen the reform of the registration system for nonprofit pension institutions, and allow them to set up multiple service outlets in accordance with the law and regulations to realize large-scale, chain-store and brand-name operations. Private capital is encouraged to integrate and renovate factory buildings, commercial facilities and other available social resources for elderly care. Urban enterprises and enterprises to promote the development of pension services action plan. We will improve the health service system for the elderly. We will establish and improve a comprehensive and continuous service system covering the whole life cycle of the entire population, including prevention, health care, treatment, rehabilitation, nursing and hospice care.The plan sets major targets in medical, old-age and cultural fields. By 2020, a basic medical and health system covering both urban and rural areas will be basically established, and the average life expectancy will rise to 77.3 years. The home-based, community-based, institutional-supplemented and medical-assisted old-age care service system is more complete, and the proportion of nursing-type beds in old-age care beds is no less than 30%. The modern public cultural service system has been basically completed, and the cultural industry has become a pillar industry of the national economy. The tourism economy has been growing steadily, contributing 12% to the national economy. The physical fitness of the people has been steadily improved, and the per capita area of sports venues has reached 1.8 square meters.