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Hong Kong has established standards for 299 Chinese medicinal materials

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The Hong Kong SAR government's department of health announced on February 20 that the Hong Kong standard for Chinese medicinal materials (HKMC) has established standards for 299 Chinese medicinal materials so far.The department of health (dh) launched the "Hong Kong standard" scheme in 2002 to set up an international expert committee to set standards for some commonly used Chinese medicinal materials for industry reference, with a view to ensuring safety and quality.More than 70 experts from overseas, mainland and Hong Kong attended the 11th meeting of the international committee of experts on "Hong Kong bid" held in Hong Kong on January 20.Director of health chan hon yee told the meeting that with the publication of the ninth volume of "Hong Kong standard", the standards for 299 Chinese medicinal materials have been established so far. In terms of testing and certification of traditional Chinese medicine, "port mark" has also become a widely accepted reference standard.Chen pointed out that the establishment of the Chinese medicinal materials standard relies on the participation of the Hong Kong scientific community, and has received valuable opinions and support from the state drug administration, the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine and the state pharmacopoeia commission."We will continue to develop standards for Chinese medicinal materials and introduce advanced testing methods to strengthen quality control of Chinese medicinal materials and strive to bring them into line with international standards." She said.At the meeting, the international expert committee reviewed the research results of 31 kinds of Chinese medicinal materials in the "harbor standard" plan at the present stage, made a summary of the pioneering research of 8 kinds of Chinese medicinal pieces prepared for decoction, and discussed the future research direction of "harbor standard".