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We will support the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine

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The second session of the 13th National People's Congress opened at the great hall of the people in Beijing on March 5. Premier li keqiang delivered the government work report to the second session of the 13th National People's Congress on behalf of the state council, stressing the need to "support the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine".Looking back on the past year's work, li said the government is committed to ensuring and improving people's livelihood in the course of development and will deliver more fruits of reform and development to the people in a more equitable way. We will deepen the coordinated reform of medical care, medical insurance and pharmaceuticals. We will steadily promote graded diagnosis and treatment. We will increase basic medical insurance subsidies for residents and reimburse them for major illnesses. We accelerated reform of the review and approval of new drugs, and substantially reduced prices of 17 cancer drugs and included them in the national list of insured drugs. Data shows that in 2018, the per capita financial subsidy for basic medical insurance for residents will reach the target of no less than 490 yuan per capita, and half of the new 40 yuan will be used for serious illness insurance.For the work of 2019, the report proposes to "stabilize growth, promote reform, adjust structure, benefit the people and prevent risks", "enhance people's sense of gain, happiness and sense of security", "maintain sustained and healthy economic development and overall social stability, and lay a decisive foundation for building a moderately prosperous society in all respects", and proposes 10 tasks.The report puts forward that this year fiscal balance pressure increased. But we will ensure that basic spending on people's livelihood will only increase, not decrease. In "" accelerating the development of social programs to better guarantee and improve people's livelihood," "the report stressed that basic medical and health services should be guaranteed. We will continue to raise the level of basic medical insurance for both urban and rural residents and insurance against major diseases. Per capita government subsidies for medical insurance for residents will be increased by 30 yuan, half of which will be used to cover major diseases. Reduce and unify the payment line for serious illness insurance, and increase the reimbursement rate from 50% to 60%. We will take action to prevent and treat cancer, promote prevention and screening, early diagnosis and treatment, and tackle key problems in scientific research, and focus on alleviating pain points in people's lives. We will prevent and treat common chronic diseases, and include outpatient medicine such as hypertension and diabetes in medical insurance reimbursement. We will promptly implement and improve the policy of direct settlement of medical expenses in different places across provinces, and make it possible for patients receiving medical treatment in different places to see a doctor with a medical card in all designated hospitals and receive prompt settlement, so as to effectively facilitate the floating population and the accompanying elderly. We will deepen comprehensive reform of public hospitals. We will encourage the community to run hospitals. We will accelerate the establishment of a telemedicine service system, strengthen training of grassroots medical personnel, and improve the quality of services provided by tiered medical services and contracted family doctors. We will continue to give priority to prevention, and use all newly increased government subsidies for basic public health services in villages and communities to ensure that people at the primary level benefit from them. We will strengthen maternal and child health services. We will support the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine. Drugs and vaccines are vital to life, and we must strengthen oversight and supervision throughout the process. We must severely punish those who violate the law, and investigate those who fail to fulfill their duties.In the report, "target the task of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and make solid progress in poverty alleviation and rural revitalization", the report puts forward that we need to fight against poverty accurately. Poverty alleviation and prosperity cannot be achieved without industrial support, and we need to vigorously support the development of characteristic and advantageous industries in poor areas.In "sticking to innovation to lead development and foster new drivers of growth", the report proposes to enhance science and technology support capacity, increase support for basic research and applied basic research, strengthen original innovation, and strengthen key core technologies. We will improve the industry-university-research integrated innovation mechanism with enterprises as the main body. We will further increase the proportion of indirect funding for basic research projects, and carry out a pilot project to reform the system of all-in-one funding for basic research projects.