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Jilin promotes diversified development of TCM

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March 1, 2019 jilin province traditional Chinese medicine work conference held. Qiu deliang, deputy director of the health and health commission of jilin province and secretary of the CPC leading group and director of the provincial administration of traditional Chinese medicine, demanded that the administration of traditional Chinese medicine be established at the same time as the establishment of county and urban health and health commission in the whole province.The meeting pointed out that the province to organize the fourth batch of the province's famous Chinese medicine, grassroots famous Chinese medicine and outstanding young Chinese medicine selection; Promote and complete the traditional Chinese medicine inheritance and innovation "tens of millions" talent project (qihuang project), the implementation of jilin province "true Chinese medicine" talent training project; We will strengthen the training of TCM clinical talents, and strictly test the qualifications of TCM doctors and assess the teachers.The meeting stressed that the province should promote diversified development of traditional Chinese medicine; We will strengthen the construction of TCM health tourism demonstration zones and conduct selection of provincial TCM health tourism demonstration zones. To improve the province's TCM research infrastructure; Set up an innovative medical public service platform, TCM geriatric disease diagnosis and treatment center and an integrated scientific research and clinical information platform; Developing "Internet + medical and health" services; To accelerate the development of TCM medical consortium; We will expand the acreage where Chinese herbal medicines are grown and work to alleviate poverty in the Chinese herbal medicine industry.Jilin province will also build elderly health centers with traditional Chinese medicine characteristics in eight county-level hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine, and cooperate with regional institutions for the aged to provide all-round services to the aging population.