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"When the people are healthy, society is full of vitality and the country is prosperous." In this year's government work report, a number of tasks, objectives and related measures were put forward to ensure basic medical and health services and protect people's lives and health.In response, delegates to the National People's Congress and the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) said that China has made remarkable progress in medical and health care, and that the "health red envelope" in the medical and health field will bring more benefits to the people.We will deepen the coordinated reform of medical care, medical insurance and pharmaceuticals. We will steadily promote graded diagnosis and treatment. We will increase subsidies for basic medical insurance for residents and the proportion of people covered by insurance for major diseases. We accelerated reform of the review and approval of new drugs, and substantially reduced prices of 17 cancer drugs and included them in the national list of insured drugs.-- from the first part of the government work report 2019: review of work in 2018More lifesaving drugs are insuredIn the past year, the government has deepened the coordinated reform of medical care, medical insurance and medicine, made steady progress in graded diagnosis and treatment, raised the standard of basic medical insurance subsidies for residents and the proportion of reimbursement for serious illness insurance, accelerated the reform of the review and approval of new drugs, and significantly reduced the prices of 17 cancer drugs and included them in the national directory of medical insurance, according to the government work report."Health care is one of the biggest livelihood issues, and healthcare reform is one of the biggest challenges." FuEr courtyard, the CPPCC national committee, chongqing medical university, dean of Ren Gong said, medical and health undertakings made great progress in our country, covering urban and rural three-level medical system basic built, constantly enhance its capability of disease control and prevention, health care coverage population expanding, rapidly improve health science and technology level, improved significantly improve people's health level.Several delegates mentioned in the interview that the result of the "combination of measures" to lower the price of anticancer drugs over the past year is particularly encouraging. In 2018, China cancelled 28 import tariffs on drugs, making all anti-cancer drugs actually imported zero-tariff. After 17 kinds of anticancer drugs were included in the list of medical insurance reimbursement through negotiation, the average price dropped by more than half, and most of the payment standards were lower than the market prices in surrounding countries or regions.Hu jinglin, director of the national health insurance administration, made it clear on the "ministerial channel" that this year's task is to include more first-aid medicine into the medical insurance system. First of all, we need to reform the current management of the directory of medical insurance, establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism for the directory, and launch the 2019 directory adjustment, which is expected to be completed in September this year."Our health care negotiations are on track." In addition to the health care reform, positive changes, such as faster drug approvals and advances in domestic innovation, have combined to drive down the price of lifesaving drugs, said ding liming, chairman and CEO of Betta Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd., a deputy to the National People's Congress.In 2018, China has approved 18 new anti-cancer drugs, among which 5 are independently innovated anticancer drugs. The approval speed of innovative drugs is basically the same as that of developed countries. "In the past it may have taken five years to approve one new domestic drug, but now it takes one year for five new drugs to be on the market. Mr. Timming.We will vigorously raise the level of medical insuranceThe government work report has put forward a number of measures to ensure basic medical and health services in the New Year. Among them, the report proposes to continue to raise the level of basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents and insurance for serious diseases, and increase the per capita financial subsidy for medical insurance for residents by 30 yuan, half of which will be used for insurance for serious diseases."The increase of residents' medical insurance subsidy is 30 yuan. Although it seems small, the total amount of subsidy is also very large for the fiscal department based on the population of our country, which reflects the state's concern for people's livelihood." Jiang lihong, NPC deputy and President of the first people's hospital of yunnan province.Regarding the medical insurance work, hu jinglin said that this year the national health insurance bureau will take the fight against the fraud and deception of insurance as the top priority of the medical insurance work, and will severely investigate and deal with the fraud within the medical insurance system, and never let the medical insurance fund become the new "tang priest meat".The government work report also calls for deepening the reform of public hospitals, promoting the establishment of private hospitals, accelerating the establishment of telemedicine service system, strengthening the training of grassroots medical personnel, and improving the quality of graded diagnosis and treatment and family doctor contract services.Jiang lihong said that the next step of the reform of public hospitals should adhere to the implementation of modern hospital management system, from fine, scientific, standardized management to further force. "At present, 'Internet plus' has played a very important role in hospital reform. We have implemented telemedicine, and in some poverty-stricken and deeply poverty-stricken counties, we have connected departments with each other on the Internet, and realized remote consultation, room rounds and teaching.The report proposes to support the inheritance, innovation and development of TCM. In 2018, the pace of TCM's "going global" is further accelerated, and its curative effect and role are increasingly recognized by the international community. In response, fang jianqiao, a deputy to the National People's Congress and President of zhejiang university of traditional Chinese medicine, said that with the deepening of the "One Belt And One Road" initiative, the speed of traditional Chinese medicine represented by acupuncture and moxibustion is also accelerating."Our school has set up a Confucius institute of traditional Chinese medicine in Portugal and established TCM centers in Romania, Israel and other countries. It can be said that the path of internationalization of TCM has become wider. Fang noted that for the first time, acupuncture has been included in a recent U.S. law that requires an evaluation of its analgesic effect.Zhu zhaoyun, deputy to the National People's Congress, member of the party committee of yunnan baiyao group and director of research and development, said when talking about the development of traditional Chinese medicine, there are many excellent drugs to be developed in traditional Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine. "We need to continuously absorb the means of modern science and technology, and apply the standards of efficacy, technology and quality system to the development of traditional medicine. Understanding the mechanism of traditional medicines can help us produce more and better new drugs."With a healthy body and a healthy heart, the country will also be full of vitality." Li lingwei, a deputy to the National People's Congress and vice President of the Chinese Olympic committee, said that more and more people are taking part in fitness programs in China. "These phenomena show that while the living standards of the Chinese people are improving, a love of fitness and a positive outlook on life are gradually taking shape."We will accelerate the development of innovative medicineThe delegates also brought practical Suggestions and proposals on the difficulties and challenges faced by healthcare reform and other aspects.Li zhihong, a deputy to the National People's Congress and deputy director of the second xiangya hospital of central south university, suggested that medical staff should play a major role in the process of medical reform. "Medical workers should become the main force of the medical reform," he said. "in the process of reform, we should listen to the opinions of grassroots medical workers, fully respect their initiative and motivate them. Only in this way can we better unify our thinking, implement measures and put the reform of the medical system on the fast track.When talking about the development of domestic innovative drugs, ding liming said that in the face of the competitive pressure from foreign imported drugs, China's pharmaceutical industry should strengthen itself, constantly improve its research and development capacity, and mark the international advanced level in the development of innovative drugs, so as to improve the efficacy and safety of drugs. At the same time, he also suggested that the state should give more support to Chinese pharmaceutical companies and encourage and help them to make independent innovation.Deputy to the National People's Congress, shandong qilu pharmaceutical group President li yan said that encourage innovation in the pharmaceutical, for further improving the innovative research and development support system, including priority review policy further refinement, the protection of intellectual property rights, innovation of payment system, the innovation medicine into the health care, etc., at the same time, in view of the innovation medicine standard of review, on the one hand to clinical value as the guidance, on the other hand also want to avoid the high standard requirement.Ding jie, a member of the national committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) and former vice President of Peking University first hospital, pays close attention to the issue of adolescent health education. She pointed out that with the implementation of the "healthy China" strategy, primary and middle school students at this stage will become the backbone of society by 2030. Ding suggested that the health education system and mechanism should be improved. Health education courses should be set up from kindergartens, textbooks should be compiled and specialized teachers should be provided."It is necessary to establish a stable and continuous funding mechanism, implement the amount of education funding, public health and disease prevention funding for health education, and establish an effective funding and supervision system." Cynthia said."The government work report points out that tens of millions of Chinese families suffering from cancer need to carry out cancer prevention and treatment actions, promote prevention and screening, early diagnosis and treatment and scientific research, and focus on easing the pain points of people's livelihood." Li sijin, a member of the CPPCC national committee and President of shanxi medical university, said that nuclear medicine should play an important role in cancer prevention and screening, early accurate diagnosis, precise targeted treatment and other aspects in the anti-cancer campaign, and increase its popularity.Zhu zhaoyun believes that TCM is now facing quality consistency and other problems in foreign countries. "I hope relevant departments can further clarify regulations and promote the healthy and rapid development of traditional Chinese medicine industry according to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, ethnic medicine and other traditional medicines," he said.