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China and asean have jointly promoted cooperation in traditional medicine and built a platform for exchanges

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China and asean have jointly promoted cooperation in traditional medicine and built a platform for exchanges
The 5th asean-china traditional medicine BBS was held in nanning, guangxi province on May 20. Health officials from China, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and other countries held a seminar under the theme of "deepening traditional medicine cooperation and building an asean exchange platform".
Sianing deputy director of the guangxi zhuang autonomous region, health and family planning commission said in a speech, one thousand years, China and asean countries have been using traditional medicine prevention cure, safeguard people's health, in practice constantly enrich and develop traditional medicine, has been together with modern medicine, become the people of all countries to prevent and cure disease, an important means to enhance the level of health.
Xia ning said that since September 2009, when China and 10 asean countries jointly signed the nanning declaration and announced to jointly promote the development of traditional medicine, bilateral cooperation in the field of traditional medicine has been continuously enhanced and a platform for mutual understanding, mutual promotion and common development has been established. Over the past nine years, china-asean exchanges and integration of traditional medicine have become more frequent and yielded gratifying results. "In the future, guangxi traditional Chinese medicine system will take this as an opportunity to greatly improve the service capacity and level of traditional Chinese medicine zhuangyao medicine, promote the exchanges and development of traditional medicine between China and asean countries, and further create a new situation of exchanges and cooperation between China and asean traditional medicine.
At BBS, health officials from Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia delivered keynote speeches on the development of traditional medicine. Participants reached consensus on jointly compiling the china-asean technical guidelines on medicinal plant protection. The guide plans by the world's largest medicinal botanical garden, botanical garden in guangxi led formulated, in accordance with the requirements of international standard system construction, to internationalization, standardization, digital, systematic and modernization as the starting point, from the conservation of medicinal plants and local protection, promote and lead the world medicinal botanical garden construction.
Subsequently, more than 140 officials, experts and scholars in the field of traditional medicine from China, Russia and asean countries, as well as representatives from the traditional medicine industry, also participated in BBS activities with the themes of "protection of medicinal plants and development of traditional medicine" and "exchange and cooperation of traditional methods".
Activities, the botanical garden in guangxi medicinal botanical garden, Bali, Indonesia, Vietnam, botanical garden, st. Petersburg, the Russian academy of sciences institute of botany, como rove botanical garden, etc. 4, head of the botanical garden in combination with national characteristics, exchange the experience of the botanical garden construction method is discussed, in order to better strengthen the protection and utilization of medicinal resources.
In addition, Chinese and foreign traditional manipulations experts also conducted in-depth exchange and discussion on the application and inheritance innovation of traditional manipulations mentioned above, aiming at the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine master wei guikang's "wei's chiropractic manipulation", which is characterized by "stability, accuracy, lightness, dexterity and transparency" and its significant curative effect in the treatment of spinal diseases.
It is reported that this session of BBS BBS is sponsored by the state health commission, the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, the state ethnic affairs commission and the people's government of guangxi zhuang autonomous region. The conference will also present the contents of "BBS review of traditional medicine of all previous years", "overview of traditional medicine of the ten asean countries", "traditional medicine exchange between guangxi and asean countries" and "experience of traditional Chinese medicine therapy in guangxi", so that guests can more intuitively feel the current situation, development and charm of traditional medicine of China and asean countries.