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Zixin pharmaceutical co., LTD attended the China enterprise summit on sustainable development goals (SDGS) to drive the development of big health industry

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Zixin pharmaceutical co., LTD attended the China enterprise summit on sustainable development goals (SDGS) to drive the development of big health industry
The sixth summit of Chinese enterprises on achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGS), with the theme of "new era, new drivers and new development", opened in Beijing on dec 7. Organized by the United Nations global compact China network and the China enterprise federation, the summit will help enterprises to find new opportunities in the process of realizing sustainable development, publicize and promote excellent practice cases of sustainable development of Chinese enterprises, and demonstrate the positive exploration and contribution of Chinese enterprises to sustainable development of China and even the world. Government departments, industry associations and enterprise representatives gathered together. As a well-known enterprise in the big health industry, zixin pharmaceutical co., ltd. of jilin province participated in this grand meeting, discussing with experts from all walks of life on the road of sustainable development in the health and pharmaceutical industry.
Through keynote speeches, BBS dialogue and special exhibition stands, the summit will showcase the innovative ideas and practical experience of the Chinese government and Chinese enterprises in pursuing sustainable development in developing the economy, serving the society and protecting the environment. Medical health BBS in the afternoon, China association of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), vice President liu zhanglin, Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd., chairman of chun-lin guo, Beijing university of Chinese medicine, the third affiliated hospital of spinal joint, Beijing health science experts Du Chunlin, Beijing Shi Lichen founder ding minister management consulting Co., Ltd. Is the theme of "integration development, the innovation can assign" dialogue, respectively, the meaning and path of industrialization and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with the detailed case for the wonderful sharing, and around the "industrialization and health management upgrade" theme of the nature of the reform involves the supply side In combination with the current all-round and full cycle health management needs of the public and the standardization, planning and integration development process of the pharmaceutical industry, the hot and focus issues such as the development concepts, practice cases and solutions of participating enterprises and institutions are discussed in depth.
When it comes to the development of Chinese medicine industrialization, traditional Chinese medicine has always been the top priority of the industry. In the "healthy China 2030" planning outline "and" the development of traditional Chinese medicine "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning guidance, guests to" equal emphasis on Chinese and western medicine "as the breakthrough point, in-depth analysis of the present development status of traditional Chinese medicine industry in China, the present situation and characteristics, and in not cure disease of traditional Chinese medicine and health management advantages and participate in the whole cycle.
Liu zhanglin, vice-president of the Chinese association of traditional Chinese medicine, said in the dialogue that it is an important national medical health strategy to attach equal importance to traditional Chinese and western medicine. The current industrial situation is not "a good one", but a century of opportunity. Scientific development can enhance the foundation and energy of TCM development in the future. The regulatory level and capacity of government departments are also improving, which has created a better environment for the development of the industry.
At the same time, the BBS discussion mentioned that safety and effectiveness are the key points supporting the TCM industry to implement the "healthy China 2030" development strategy, as well as the logical main line ahead of industrial transformation and development. Participants Shared their experience in improving product safety and effectiveness.
Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd. Chairman guo chunlin
"The traditional Chinese medicine industry saw a very good opportunity for development," said guo chunlin, chairman of Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd. As a pharmaceutical company, we focus on source management and source procurement of medicinal materials, and make medicines according to the standards. In the nearly ten years since we entered the ginseng industry, we have had some insights into TCM and TCM. So when we do ginseng industry, we do it from the source, do ginseng standardization. We are also building a base to ensure the use of traditional Chinese medicine medicines.
"There is an old Chinese saying: 'if you accumulate strength, you will win. Nothing is impossible to all wise men. Traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical enterprises are the main inheritance carrier of traditional Chinese medicine culture and an important part of traditional Chinese medicine culture. With the continuous development and improvement of China's market economic system, great changes have taken place in the living environment and market environment faced by the pharmaceutical industry. From the perspective of macro environment, with the triple benefits of policy support, technological innovation and consumption upgrading, the TCM big health industry has ushered in a good opportunity for development. Guo chunlin said at the conference.
The TCM business of zixin pharmaceutical co., LTD is embracing more market opportunities. At the end of the year, zixin pharmaceutical's strategic layout has been in continuous action, landing a number of domestic health related projects, sword refers to the overall layout of the big health industry. In clinical research, led by the rheumatology department of Beijing guang 'anmen hospital, zixin pharmaceutical co., ltd. is now carrying out clinical phase iv experimental research with 3 hospitals. In the future, the company will cooperate with Leiden university in the Netherlands to carry out the research of simiao pill metabolomics and genetic metabolomics, and cooperate with 15 Chinese and western medical institutions to carry out the clinical evidence-based research of RCT.
"The company is exploring the combination of febustata and simiao pills, a new way of treating gout by combining traditional Chinese and western medicine. Recently, a total of 30 kinds of medicines of zixin pharmaceutical have been included in the "national essential drugs catalogue" of 2018 edition, which has brought great confidence to the enterprise, including simiao pill, hopdan tablet and internal scrofula pill, which have been included. Guo chunlin said, purple xin pharmaceutical are the procurement of sub-goods Chinese herbal medicine, their own standardized processing processing, to ensure the quality and safety of medicinal materials.
"Compared with western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine is more about experiential medicine. Consultation and medication rely on doctors' accumulated experience in hundreds of patients. It is a fact that people can save lives, but accurate data is also lacking. If traditional Chinese medicine wants to achieve modern development, it needs to further determine the main ingredients and efficacy of medicinal materials, so as to make products more in line with market requirements according to the needs of the common people, and achieve more sustainable development. "Guo chunlin said.
And main ginseng products of the company is also in the turning point of new market, purple xin pharmaceutical and jilin province administration of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese academy of sciences, Beijing genomics institute, changchun university of Chinese medicine, and other units cooperation, jointly launched in 2012, 2015 and 2016 ginseng germplasm resources special reconnaissance work, the work for a large amount of ginseng sample area, germplasm resources, plant diseases and insect pests, reserves, such as data information, provides the high quality for all ginseng genome project of ginseng tissue samples and sample information.
Guo chunlin said frankly that as a leading enterprise in China's ginseng industry, the company has made outstanding contributions in promoting the cultivation of ginseng under the forest and protecting forest land resources. In the past, ginseng cultivation mainly focused on "deforestation for ginseng planting", which destroyed a large number of woodlands, caused soil erosion and ecological damage, and had an immeasurable impact on the environment. The company's cultivation and tending technology of ginseng under the forest, in 20,000 mu of ginseng, does not destroy the original forest ecological environment, on the basis of effective protection of the forest environment, at the same time to ensure the safety and effectiveness of ginseng.
"We are also committed to promoting the cultivation of northeast genuine medicinal materials such as schisandra chinensis, giving play to the advantages of origin of medicinal materials, and creating northeast genuine medicinal materials industrial park with the aim of ecological friendly and sustainable development. Ginseng was approved to enter the food field as medicine and food in 2012. A large number of ginseng series commodities were derived, with different forms of consumption and protection. The wide application of ginseng also caused the market price chaos. Zixin ginseng strictly abides by all kinds of standards of ginseng cultivation and processing. In terms of ginseng industry standardization, zixin pharmaceutical will continue to try and make efforts. Guo chunlin further said.
On November 12, purple xin pharmaceutical announcement said that the company controlling shareholder dunhua dunes investment limited liability company notice, dunes and liuhe occurs big health industrial park co., LTD. Signed the project investment cooperation agreement, the two sides to jointly set up ha yu sunco medical health industry group co., LTD. As the main body in the project, the purple xin pharmaceutical holdings, mutual total investment is 14.3 billion yuan. The introduction of state capital matters to be finalized, shunchi medicine big health will become the controlling shareholder of zixin pharmaceutical. The new controlling shareholder is liuhe county finance bureau.
In view of the state-owned capital to become a shareholder, guo chunlin believes that as a state-owned holding company, shunchi big health pharmaceutical co., ltd. will support the development of the company with greater strength and determination from the aspects of finance, business and operation. In the future, zixin pharmaceutical will get more support from the government industrial policies, which is expected to accelerate the resource integration of ginseng industrial chain. Zixin pharmaceutical co., LTD will continue to comply with the national policy on great health, actively layout in the industries of traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng and gene, and focus on building and developing the great health industry with multi-wheel drive.