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Zixin pharmaceutical co., ltd. and dongguan national pharmaceutical co., ltd. have reached an annual strategic cooperation

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Zixin pharmaceutical co., ltd. and dongguan national pharmaceutical co., ltd. have reached an annual strategic cooperation
The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between jilin zixin pharmaceutical co., ltd. and dongguan sinopathic medicine group co., LTD
On November 22, JiLinZi xin pharmaceutical industry to join hands in dongguan national medicine group, jointly organized by the kidney anshen oral liquid product launches and annual strategic cooperation signing ceremony, the two sides formally announced a deep strategic cooperation, introduce the purple xin pharmaceutical have listed all the products in dongguan characters more than 1400 chain terminal, and efforts to achieve 80 million annual sales terminal. At the same time, it also helped promote the new product of tonifying kidney and tranquilizing spirit as well as other high quality Chinese patent medicine, and simultaneously held the public welfare activity of "healthy and good sleep benefits dongguan people" to help dongguan residents to improve insomnia. The chairmen, executives, guests and journalists from both sides attended the signing ceremony.
The two sides this cooperation is a strong alliance. Jilin zixin pharmaceutical co., ltd. is one of the top 100 listed companies in the pharmaceutical industry, with proprietary Chinese medicine industry, ginseng industry and gene sequencing instrument industry as its core business. It has been rated as the most promising listed company in the biomedical industry, one of the top 100 Chinese medicine enterprises, and a state-level high-paying technology enterprise. Dongguan sinopharm group is one of the top 100 chain enterprises in China, with more than 1400 chain drugstores directly under its management. It has strong strength and good reputation in the pharmaceutical retail industry. After reaching the strategic cooperation this time, the two sides will join hands to carry out dedicated, dedicated and professional in-depth cooperation, which will greatly enhance the brand awareness and industry influence of the two sides in China. This cooperation can introduce all the listed products of jilin zixin pharmaceutical into more than 1,400 chain terminals of dongguan sinopharmus group, and achieve the annual sales target of 80 million. During the cooperation period, dongguan sinopathic pharmaceutical group will recommend the whole products and high quality products of jilin zixin pharmaceutical in its stores, and jointly hold a series of promotion activities. At the same time, jilin zixin pharmaceutical co., ltd. will provide gold medal professional lecturers to assist the staff of dongguan sinopharma group to improve their comprehensive quality and store professional image in an all-round way, so as to provide the public with better quality services.
Jilin zixin pharmaceutical chairman guo chunlin speech
This is not the first time the two sides have worked together. Guo chunlin, chairman of zixin pharmaceutical, said that the relationship with dongguan sinopharm started in 2015, and the early cooperation has laid a solid foundation for the subsequent in-depth cooperation. The enterprise credo of dongguan sinopharm is "treat customers with integrity and contribute to society", which is highly consistent with the enterprise tenet of "cultivating people with quality and brewing medicine with virtue" of zixin. The signing of this agreement is not only a continuation of good cooperation, but also a starting point for deeper and broader cooperation.
Dongguan sinopharm chairman Yin peiquan delivered a speech
Yin peiquan, chairman of dongguan sinopharm, said that dongguan sinopharm group attaches great importance to and cherishes the cooperation with jilin zixin pharmaceutical. The signing of the strategic agreement will have a far-reaching and significant impact on the future development of both sides. In the future, in addition to the cooperation in the sales of proprietary Chinese medicines, the two sides will also carry out in-depth cooperation in other sectors to jointly strive for human health.
Yin peiquan, chairman of dongguan sinopac, exchanged this contract with guo chunlin, chairman of jilin zixin pharmaceutical co., LTD
Strategic cooperation award ceremony
During the press conference, jilin zixin pharmaceutical tonifying kidney and tranquilizing spirit oral liquid was also presented ceremoniously, and jointly carried out a public welfare activity with the theme of "healthy good sleep benefits dongguan people". It is understood that kidney anshen oral liquid for the purple xin pharmaceutical exclusive patent products, used in the process of medicinal materials of the domestic most advanced reflux dynamic extraction of new technology, low temperature extraction and make solution composition was not damaged, high content of effective components, high purity, make human body absorb quickly, effective treatment for insomnia, forgetfulness, dizziness tinnitus, flustered, lumbar debility and other symptoms. During the public welfare activities, as long as the dongguan residents with insomnia by id card to the designated stores of dongguan sinopharm, they can get the 5 days dosage of 10 kidney tonifying and tranquilizing oral liquid provided by jilin zixin pharmaceutical, fundamentally to help improve the insomnia of dongguan residents, improve the quality of life. Jilin zixin pharmaceutical said that the launch of bushenanshen oral liquid will bring good news to more patients. This public welfare activity plans to donate 15,000 pieces to help 1,500 local and surrounding patients get rid of the trouble of sleep problems. With the subsequent in-depth cooperation with dongguan sinopharm, other public welfare activities will also be carried out to benefit dongguan residents.
Drug donation ceremony