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Zixin pharmaceutical was honored as "the most promising listed company in the biomedicine industry" on the list of Chinese listed companies in 2018

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Zixin pharmaceutical was honored as "the most promising listed company in the biomedicine industry" on the list of Chinese listed companies in 2018
On November 16, 2018, the "2018 7th China listed companies summit BBS & 2018 China listed companies reputation list award ceremony" was held in chengdu shanda. Sponsored by the authoritative financial media daily business news, it is one of the most influential high-end economic BBS in China. The theme of the meeting was "asking for quality and new drivers of growth". Hundreds of business elites, experts, scholars, securities firms and private equity investment institutions from home and abroad discussed how to deepen the reform of the capital market and how to provide new drivers for high-quality development.
During BBS, the "2018 China listed companies reputation list" was grandly released. With its own strength, zixin pharmaceutical has won the honor of "the most growing listed company in the biomedical industry"! Mr. Xu daqing, general manager of zixin pharmaceutical, accepted the award on behalf of the company.
Xu daqing (second from left), general manager of zixin pharmaceutical co., LTD., accepted the award on behalf of the company
The selection of a new "China's listed companies reputation list evaluation platform", strictly speaking in accordance with the hard data, all the dimensions of the data model are evaluated in a database of tens of millions of calculations, through rigorous scientific models to screen the candidate listed companies. The "public praise list of listed companies professional committee review committee" brings together the wisdom of both buyers and sellers institutions, selection model trinity.
"Chinese listed companies reputation list" has been held for eight consecutive times since 2011. From September to November, through the test of the four links of public nomination, big data screening, model screening and "institutions + public voting", a total of 14 lists with professional reputation and market praise were born. Among them, "the most growth listed company" award to "the potential growth space of the industry is broad and the company grasps the core competitiveness; The company has the pricing power of main products; The company's industry entry threshold is high, high technical barriers, policy barriers and other characteristics. The selection is based not only on the existing income and profit of the listed company, but also on the institutional rating of the listed company and the actual performance of the listed company in the recent year, so as to make a comprehensive evaluation from multiple perspectives such as finance, public opinion and market value growth.
Purple xin pharmaceutical won this honor is well deserved, is the enterprise development potential of high recognition.
Zixin pharmaceutical co., ltd. was founded in May 1998 in tonghua city, jilin province, involved in a number of industries, including Chinese patent medicine, ginseng, gene sequencing instrument three industries as the pillar, set scientific research, production, sales, medicinal plant and animal breeding as one of the high-tech joint-stock enterprises. Company in March 2007 listed in shenzhen stock exchange (stock code "002118"), has now developed into molecular company has more than 10 large pharmaceutical listed group, has won the "national top pharmaceutical enterprise", "national high-tech enterprise", "national key agricultural industrialization leading enterprise", "national contract heavy credit enterprise" and other honorary title, "zi xin" brand was named China's well-known trademarks.
Currently, zixin pharmaceutical Chinese patent medicine, ginseng, gene sequencing instrument three industries in full swing. According to the performance report of the third quarter of 2018 released by zixin pharmaceutical, in the first three quarters of this year, the company achieved a total operating revenue of 1.278 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 70.25%. The net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 329 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 107.23%.
In terms of the business segment of Chinese patent medicine, in recent years, with increasing investment in research and development and enriching product lines, "big variety" strategic products such as simiao pill and herba epimedii tablet under zixin pharmaceutical group enjoy a remarkable reputation in the market. In particular, the sales growth of 0TC products has become the driving force for the sales growth of zixin pharmaceutical group. In October 2018, a total of 30 varieties of drugs including simiao pill and hopdan tablet were included in the latest version of national essential drugs list, which will have a positive impact on its future production and operation. And according to the company previously revealed in the annual report, at present, the company with more than 4000 second class a or above hospitals and more than 1000 pharmaceutical distribution units to establish long-term stable business relations, and with good product quality to obtain a high market loyalty and trust.
Ginseng business sector: starting from this year, the company's strategic reserve of forest ginseng has entered the harvest period. At the same time, as the production technology and sales channels of ginseng deep-processed products with high added value and gross profit rate are gradually mature, the proportion of ginseng deep-processed products in the company's sales business is gradually increased. According to the semi-annual report of the company, in the first half of the year, the revenue of ginseng series products reached 549 million yuan, accounting for 65.22 percent, an increase of 255.82 percent compared with the same period of last year. According to the latest plan of zixin pharmaceutical, the ginseng planting area of zixin pharmaceutical will grow to about 5 million square meters by 2022. Among them, the yield of panax ginseng under six years was about 36.36 million, 32.84 million in 7-12 years and 2.9 million in 15-16 years. The yield of ginseng raw material was over 90%. The number of ginseng processing products increased to about 100, developing towards high value-added; Established about 10,000 sales stores and outlets, realized sales revenue of about 5 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate of 50%, and significantly increased market share; Ginseng planting bases increased to about 30, ginseng processing enterprises increased to about 8.
As China's economy enters a new stage of consumption-led development, new development opportunities will be ushered in for industries with distinctive resources and advantages in northeast China, such as ginseng. As Chinese ginseng industry leading enterprises, in order to realize the diversification of investment subject, optimization, and optimize the structure of the shareholders of a company and further enhance the company for external talent attraction and the level of corporate governance, enhance core competitiveness, in November 2018, purple xin pharmaceutical introduction of strategic investors, the state-owned capital to vigorously promote the regional economic transformation and related industrial chain integration, speed up the local medicinal plant ecological resources to achieve sustainable development. At the same time, it also has a significant positive impact on the integration of major industries such as traditional Chinese medicine and ginseng, as well as the reduction of financing costs.
Adhering to the "product ents, good for making medicine" of the enterprise purpose, adhere to the "zhi true pure quality" business philosophy, in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) modernization as the goal, to care for human health as own duty, to play to the company's overall strength and brand advantage, purple xin pharmaceutical industry has always been dedicated to the health of consumers, for the enterprise to become China and the world health industry first army and efforts!
As purple xin pharmaceutical industry will be in the future at the as an opportunity to continue to implement to "scientific and technological innovation" as the core competitiveness of big health industry ecosystem, accelerate its endogenous growth and denotative development, constantly improve themselves, to the company bigger and stronger, constantly enhance the value of the company, to "build one hundred purple xin, to create national brand" the grand goal of efforts to forge ahead!