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Jilin receives baton assistance to listed company zixin pharmaceutical or welcomes "ganlin"

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Jilin receives baton assistance to listed company zixin pharmaceutical or welcomes "ganlin"
After the shenzhen municipal government set a precedent and introduced several measures to promote the healthy and stable development of listed companies, in recent days, many local governments have joined the camp of aiding listed companies, and helped listed companies to alleviate the risk of stock pledge by setting up special funds and other means.
According to media reports, jilin province also recently officially joined this camp. It is understood that in view of the current private listed companies facing the liquidity problem of equity pledge, tonghua city plans to launch the establishment of 5 billion yuan scale to support the development of listed companies fund, to fully support the development of private economy. The fund will be jointly invested by the municipal and county governments and will actively introduce financial institutions and other social capital. The fund will formulate a scientific and reasonable investment plan according to the actual operation of each listed company. It will not seek for a controlling stake, do not interfere in the normal business activities of the enterprise, and hold shares in stages. Once the enterprise dissolves the liquidity crisis, it will exit in time.
The reporter discovers through consulting, tonghua city has 6 appear on the market in all at present, and look at at present, among them the purple xin pharmaceutical that benefits most is to be listed on board of medium and small sized. As ginseng industry leading enterprises in our country, the purple xin pharmaceutical industry for nearly three years always maintain high growth, according to its latest three quarterly bulletin, a company in the third quarter, a total of more than 2018 years ago to realize the business income is 1.278 billion yuan, up 70.25% from a year earlier, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 329 million yuan, up 107.23% from a year earlier, and ginseng has been released by strategic reserves into the performance period, as the product structure upgrade is complete, the future will continue to drive the company's performance growth. However, affected by the overall poor performance of the secondary market, the company is also troubled by the risk of stock pledge. The local government's assistance measures may help enterprises out of the short-term liquidity dilemma and achieve long-term development.